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69th Senior Women's Senior National Kabaddi Championship 2023 Match Day 3 Highlights : Jharkhand beat West Bengal and Maharashtra see off Goa!

Match 3 - Jharkhand Vs West Bengal (BAKA)

Group C winners Jharkhand locked horns with Group F runners-up West Bengal (BAKA). It was the 3rd Round of 16 fixture and it absolutely went down the wire. Jharkhand got off to a terrific start as they had a series of successful raids and cleaned up (All-out) West Bengal within the first 5 minutes.

As a result, Bengal succumbed to Jharkhand to a first-half score of 19-12. In the 2nd half, the match reached an exciting stage where Bengal were producing a famous comeback. The game had reached to 25-23 in the final 4 minutes but Jharkhand's Jersey #10 Super raided in the final moments and defeated Bengal by 30-29. 

Match 4 - Maharashtra Vs Goa

Winners of Group G Maharashtra earned a 17-point victory over Group B runners-up Goa. Both the teams had a decent start but Maharashtra took Goa by surprise all of a sudden and Goa fell behind in the first-half by a score line of 25-18. 

Later on in the 2nd half, Goa tried to make a come back as Jersey #9 Raider Raj Rani carried out her raids fantastically well. But Maharashtra raider (Jersey #10) proved to be a better player and helped Maharashtra win by 49-32.