Attacking or Defensive Strategy: What works?


Team Structure Defines Team Function

The teams in Kabaddi consists of basically seven players which typically includes three raiders, two corner defenders, one cover and an all rounder. Most of the teams choose their teams in a similar fashion and they may shuffle around with the combination by using different number of raiders, all rounders and cover defense.

So basically every team can be categorized as defensive minded or attacking minded.

Team Attacking Score

A team is categorized as Attacking if the average points per match scored by the Team is higher than the average points per match across all Season matches. If we look at the Season 2 performance


Attacking Teams in Red, Defensive Teams in Blue

 The average points a team scores in a match is 30 points [data procured from the Season 2 of ProKabaddi]. The most defensive team is Bengal Warriors as the average points scored by them is 26. Dabang Delhi, Patna Pirates and Puneri Paltan are the other defensive strategy teams.

Bengal Warriors The Most Defensive Team, Telugu Titans The Most Attacking Team. But U Mumbai Drawing A Balance Between The Two Are The Champions

The team with the best attacking score is Telugu Titans as their average score is 36 which is way higher than the total average of 30 points. Bengaluru Bulls, Jaipur Pink Panthers and U Mumba are the other attacking minded teams where U Mumba has the closest to the average score which suggests that they are a well balanced team in terms of defense and offense, which matters in Kabaddi.

k2Pro Kabaddi Season 3 might change all these as the teams have changed players, line ups, coaches and essentially the strategies as well. We may see the defensive teams going on all out offensive and vice versa.

The One Thing Predictable About The Prokabaddi Is Its Unpredictability.