Bengal Warriors Pro Kabaddi Season 7 Team Analysis


The Pro Kabaddi Auction ahead of Season 7 was a highly anticipated affair with several teams looking to put together the remaining pieces of the jigsaw puzzle but also others looking to hit the reset button as they move forward with a completely new unit filled with new personnel. The auction wasn’t short of the star quotient either, with the likes of Monu Goyat, Rahul Chaudhari, Abozar Mighani, Sandeep Narwal, Nitin Tomar, Rishank Devadiga and Siddharth Desai all up for grabs!

There are positives and negatives when it comes to re-booting a side completely in an auction that has 12 teams vying for top players. On one hand, the purse available is significantly larger (teams like Puneri Paltan, Telugu Titans & UP Yodha had this luxury) than several other sides that have retained their core and that gives the team owners the ability to bully the auction a little and raise the price of players which competing owners definitely want back in their squads. On the other hand however, with 11 other teams vying for each player, the chances of putting together a balanced side from scratch become harder than when it was in an 8-team league and each team’s strategy tables have gotten smarter too with every passing auction.

Time to jump straight into our analysis of each team ahead of this Pro Kabaddi Season 7 and give you a detailed breakdown of the side with the strengths and potential gaps, which need to be addressed before July arrives. We at Kabaddi Adda have decided to detail each squad with a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) to understand where they currently stand but also to give all Kabaddi fans an idea of where these teams could find room to improve as the season kicks off…and we certainly expect a few surprises too!



The Bengal Warriors enjoyed one of their most successful campaigns in Pro Kabaddi history on the back of a couple of stand-out performers in Pro Kabaddi 6 and will hope to build on that success with some key supporting members in Pro Kabaddi 7. The Bengal Warriors in Pro Kabaddi 6 were a team that played on their defence, wore sides down and played tactical Kabaddi based on just the D.O.D raids, most often keeping the scoring very low to close out the opposition under 30 points. A side who’s success hinged on one man, Maninder Singh in the raid department, has brought about a large overhaul of the squad and looked a busy table at the auctions. The final outlook of the squad gives it a distinct change to last season with an aggressive feel to the squad with able support for Maninder too for the first time in a while, given Jang Kun Lee’s decline in form.

The biggest buy came in the form of Iranian, Mohd Nabibaksh, who was instrumental at the Asian Games, where Iran toppled India on their way to claiming Gold. He is a lightening quick raider who also plays typical “Total Kabaddi” with the ability to defend in any position for his side when needed. He is however an untested quantity at the Pro Kabaddi League and will no doubt be exciting to watch. The addition of left-raider Prapanjan gives more support the right-sided Maninder while Jeeva Kumar’s presence in left cover hands them a leader of the defensive unit.

The Bengal Warriors in PKL 6 were a team that played on their defence, wore sides down and played tactical Kabaddi based on just the D.O.D raids

Bengal Warriors Pro Kabaddi Season 7 Auction Live

The defence looks a bit thin and there is a lack of a clear leader in the team who can call the shots but it is a side with immense potential on paper to match their success of last season or even outdo it in this edition of the PKL. The side is filled with defenders who haven’t had a starting 7 role in their previous sides and that gives them a huge opportunity to shine but also is a big step up in terms of responsibility on the inexperienced shoulders.

The addition of B.C Ramesh as Coach is a great move as an experienced campaigner who has a terrific track record of working with youngsters and particularly with creating strong defensive units.


Bengal Warriors Pro Kabaddi Season 7 Auction Live

Ramakant sharma (not verified) , Jun 22 2019 - 3:05pm
jagdesh kumble back hone chahiye head coach ke roop me