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Big Breaking: Mashal Sports sanction agreement with AKFI have been officially ended now

The excitement surrounding the commencement of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) season 11 is palpable among fans and stakeholders alike. The anticipation is particularly high as the auction for the upcoming season is expected to take place in the last week of August. This key event will set the stage for the next round of thrilling Kabaddi action, as teams strategize and vie for top players to strengthen their rosters.

However, this season brings more than just the usual excitement of team formations and player bids. A significant development has occurred in the organizational structure of the league. Mashal Sports, the entity that has been at the helm of organizing the Pro Kabaddi League since its inception, has ended its sanction agreement with the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI). This termination marks the end of a significant chapter in the league's history.

The Pro Kabaddi League has grown immensely under the stewardship of Mashal Sports, which played a pivotal role in transforming Kabaddi into a mainstream sport with a massive following. Their efforts have not only professionalized the sport but also increased its visibility and appeal to a broader audience. The league's innovative approach, engaging format, and high production values have set a new benchmark for sporting events in India.

With the conclusion of the agreement between Mashal Sports and AKFI, the responsibility of organizing PKL 11 will now fall to a new entity. This transition opens up a realm of possibilities for the future of the league. While the details of the new organizers are yet to be officially announced, this change is expected to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the league. Fans and teams are eagerly waiting to see how the new organizers will shape the upcoming season and what new innovations they might introduce.

As the auction approaches and the league gears up for its eleventh season, the Kabaddi community remains hopeful and excited. The upcoming season is set to be a landmark event, not just for the sport but also for its administration and organization. All eyes will be on the new organizers to see how they navigate this transition and continue the legacy of excellence that the Pro Kabaddi League has come to symbolize.


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The end of the agreement between Mashal Sports and AKFI might also impact the league’s operations, marketing strategies, and overall management. The new organizers will need to build on the solid foundation laid by Mashal Sports while bringing their unique vision to the table. This changeover is a significant moment in the history of Pro Kabaddi, promising both challenges and opportunities.


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