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Bihar Women's Kabaddi League 2024: Teams, Squads and Prize Pool

In a significant step towards promoting women's sports in Bihar, the state is hosting its first-ever Bihar Women's Kabaddi League 2024. The tournament, held at the Patliputra Sports Complex Indoor Stadium in Patna, commenced on June 10 and will culminate on June 16. 

This week-long kabaddi tournament features 6 teams comprising 96 talented female athletes from various districts of Bihar, showcasing their skills, determination, and passion for the sport.

The league's organizers, the Bihar State Sports Authority (BSSA), are committed to encouraging participation in women's kabaddi and expanding the sport's reach across the state. By hosting this tournament, they aim to inspire young girls to take up kabaddi, break down gender barriers, and pursue their athletic aspirations.

To further incentivize participation and recognize outstanding performances, the Bihar Women's Kabaddi League 2024 offers attractive financial rewards to the top teams. The winning team will receive a cash prize of ₹1,50,000, the runners-up will be awarded ₹1,00,000, and the third-place team will receive ₹50,000. Additionally, trophies, medals, and certificates will be presented to the top performers, acknowledging their dedication and achievements.

The opening day of the Bihar Women's Kabaddi League 2024 witnessed an exciting clash between Patna Pelicans and Sitamari Sentinels. Patna Pelicans emerged victorious, defeating their opponents by a score of 27-22. Gungun Chauhan from Patna Pelicans emerged as the best raider, amassing eight raid points, while Anjali Kumari from Sitamari Sentinels shone as the best defender, securing six tackle points.

In the second match, Nalanda Ninjas defeated Magadh Warriors by a narrow margin of 22-20. Sundari Kumari from Magadh Warriors impressed as the best raider with seven raid points, while Khushi Kumari from the same team claimed the title of best defender with four tackle points. 

The third match saw a thrilling encounter between Siwan Titans and Saran Strikers, with Siwan Titans emerging triumphant, defeating their rivals by a score of 21-18. Ashika Shandiliya from Siwan Titans clinched the best raider title with three raid points, while Komal Kumari from the same team emerged as the best defender with six tackle points.

Squads of all teams participating in the Bihar Women’s Kabaddi League:


1. Magadh Warriors:

  • Captain: Sumana Kumari (Patna)
  • Shambhavi Jha (Darbhanga)
  • Khushi Kumari (Patna)
  • Kajal Kumari (Patna)
  • Sundar Kumari (Sitamarhi)
  • Bucchi Kumari (Saran)
  • Chanda Kumari (Bhojpur)
  • Prachi Kumari (Patna)
  • Pallavi Kumari (Purnia)
  • Reema Kumari (Khagaria)
  • Nitu Kumari (Nawada)
  • Rajkumari (Patna)
  • Priya Kumari (Bhojpur)
  • Meesa Kumari (Saran)
  • Rakhi Kumari (Khagaria)

2. Nalanda Ninjas:

  • Captain: Devanti Kumari (Patna)
  • Nancy Kumari (Patna)
  • Ankita (Begusarai)
  • Rupam Kumari (Patna)
  • Shweta Swraj (Muzaffarpur)
  • Sonam Kumari (Patna)
  • Raj Nandini Kumari (Lakhisarai)
  • Reshu Singh (Saharsa)
  • Nandini Priya (Patna)
  • Mansi Kumari (Patna)
  • Lovely Kumari (Lakhisarai)
  • Simran Kumari (Sitamarhi)
  • Anamika Uraon (Katihar)
  • Varsha Kumari (Patna)
  • Sushma Kumari (Nawada)

3. Patna Pelicans:

  • Captain: Sarita Kumari (Begusarai)
  • Varsha Kumari (Patna)
  • Riya Kumari (Begusarai)
  • Pooja Kumari (Saharsa)
  • Sapna Kumari (Sitamarhi)
  • Gunjan Chauhan (Purnia)
  • Choti Kumari (Begusarai)
  • Anjali Bharati (Begusarai)
  • Rekha Kumari (Siwan)
  • Pooja Kumari (Patna)
  • Divyanshi (Nawada)
  • Gauri Kumari (Patna)
  • Ruhanika Rai (Samastipur)
  • Shivani Kumari (Sitamarhi)

4. Saran Strikers:

  • Captain: Arti Kumari (Begusarai)
  • Sakshi Kumari (Patna)
  • Malvika Kumari (Supaul)
  • Pratibha Kumari (Patna)
  • Karina Kumari (Nalanda)
  • Shivani Kumari (Katihar)
  • Ujjwala Kumari (Siwan)
  • Raksha Kumari (Sheohar)
  • Lalita Kumari (Nawada)
  • Anishka Kumari (Lakhisarai)
  • Poonam Kumari (Vaishali)
  • Preeti Kumari (Lakhisarai)
  • Reena Kumari (Patna)
  • Anushka Kumari (Begusarai)
  • Kavita Kumari (Khagaria)

5. Sitamarhi Senetial:

  • Captain: Remi Kumari (Begusarai)
  • Lakshmi Kumari (Patna)
  • Rekha Kumari (Bhojpur)
  • Aditi Kumari (Katihar)
  • Manisha Kumari (Begusarai)
  • Rajni Kumari (Siwan)
  • Suruchi Kumari (Patna)
  • Reeta Kumari (Patna)
  • Anjali Kumari (Lakhisarai)
  • Rashmi Kumari (Patna)
  • Ayushi Bharadwaj (Bhojpur)
  • Choti Kumari (Nalanda)
  • Shreya Kumari (Sitamarhi)
  • Sneha Kumari (Siwan)

6. Siwan Titans:

  • Captain: Komal Kumari
  • Mani Kumari (Sitamarhi)
  • Amisha Kumari (Siwan)
  • Rinsi Kumari (Begusarai)
  • Khushi Kumari (Begusarai)
  • Indu Kumari (Nawada)
  • Ashika Shandiliya (Lakhisarai)
  • Anshu Kumari (Lakhisarai)
  • Santoshi Kumari (Patna)
  • Sanjita Kumari (Saharsa)
  • Nikki Yadav (Nawada)
  • Shreya Kumari (Lakhisarai)
  • Anchal Kumari (Lakhisarai)
  • Preeti Kumari (Nawada)
  • Khushi Kumari (Nawada)

As the league progresses, it is expected to witness even more nail-biting matches, exceptional athleticism, and a surge of enthusiasm among kabaddi enthusiasts across the state. The Bihar Women's Kabaddi League 2024 is undoubtedly a significant step towards empowering female athletes, promoting gender equality in sports, and igniting a passion for kabaddi among the youth of Bihar.