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Bihar Women's Kabaddi League: Exciting matches and standings

Bihar Women’s Kabaddi League (BWKL) is happening at the Patliputra Sports Complex. As teams continue to battle it out, 21 matches that were concluded at the end of the first three days, Sivan Titans is on top of the points table with 31 points while Saran Strikers has 23 points and sits comfortably in second place. The teams, Patna Pelicans and Sitamarhi Sentinels occupy the third and fourth places respectively with 22 and 17 points.

BWKL saw intense matches played on June 12th, in the evening:

  • Sivan Titans vs Sitamarhi Sentinels: The first match of the evening witnessed Sivan Titans emerge victorious with a score of 30-20. Sitamarhi Sentinels' Suruchi Kumari shone as the best raider with 9 raid points, while Sivan Titans' Komal Kumari claimed the title of best defender with 5 tackle points.
  • Magadh Warriors vs Patna Pelicans: In a nail-biting encounter, Magadh Warriors edged past Patna Pelicans by a narrow margin of 29-28. Magadh Warriors' Sundari Kumari dominated as the best raider with 13 raid points, while her teammate Rajkumari secured 4 tackle points to become the best defender.
  • Saran Strikers vs Nalanda Ninjas: The final match of the day saw Saran Strikers overcome Nalanda Ninjas with a score of 21-15. Saran Strikers' Shivani impressed as the best raider with 9 raid points, while her teammate Anushka grabbed 3 tackle points to earn the best defender title.

The morning of June 13th brought another set of exciting matches:

  • Sivan Titans vs Magadh Warriors: Sivan Titans continued their winning streak, defeating Magadh Warriors by a comfortable margin of 29-16. Sivan Titans' Ashik Shandily emerged as the best raider with 11 raid points, while her teammate Mani Kumari claimed 6 tackle points to be named the best defender.
  • Nalanda Ninjas vs Patna Pelicans: Nalanda Ninjas avenged their previous defeat against Patna Pelicans, securing a convincing victory of 24-13. Nalanda Ninjas' Nancy Priya put on an all-round performance, bagging 5 raid points and 9 tackle points to be declared both the best raider and best defender.
  • Sitamarhi Sentinels vs Saran Strikers: In a close and thrilling match, Sitamarhi Sentinels emerged victorious over Saran Strikers with a score of 29-28. Sitamarhi Sentinels' Suruchi Kumari continued her impressive form, scoring 12 raid points to be the best raider, while Saran Strikers' Pratibha Kumari claimed 6 tackle points to be the best defender.

Being still in the preliminary rounds of the tournament there are many breathtaking matches awaiting the audience in Bihar Women’s Kabaddi League (BWKL). The teams will fight for the chance at the knockout stages. Meanwhile, fans will get to see action-packed games, standout moments, and the race for the title.