Experience The Power Of Women In Kabaddi!!


After the huge success of the Pro kabaddi league Season 1,  from the second season of the Pro Kabaddi League, organizers had started taking steps to making the event more inclusive for women. As the fourth season has begun, Mamtha Poojary (former Asian games Gold medalist) will skipper one of the teams “Fire Birds” in a mini-league set in place for women’s kabaddi.

In the four days that the PKL caravan stays within a city, three days accommodate two men’s matches. As for the remaining day, a women’s game will be held.

The Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI) held a selection camp in Mumbai in April for 60 women players from all states.

The trial process conducted steadily filtered down the numbers to form three teams – Firebirds, Ice Divas and Storm Queens – of 12 players each. Each team will play the other twice in a round robin format. By the end of the six matches, the second and third placed team will compete in a qualifier to figure who will play in the final against the round robin winners. The final will be played in Hyderabad just before the men’s final.

As of now, there is a plan of starting up a full-scale women’s league that will mirror the men’s edition.

“That plan is a bit in the pipeline as of now, and we haven’t given it a deadline as such. What we’re doing at the moment is a sort of season teaser for the women’s league. It’s more in a preliminary nature,” mentioned Charu Sharma in an interview. During the selection camp, the prospective players were also prepared for carrying themselves in front of the camera as Women’s kabaddi was never in the limelight until now.

All three teams are in-house squads and haven’t been purchased by an owner, like in the men’s edition. There cannot be a better window of opportunity for the women’s Kabaddi than this one day window during Prokabaddi. IF the fans like it,it will be a proof of concept and a fully fledged league can start for that also.

The three teams are made up of the crème of the country and there will be some good competition. Just what the Kabaddi fans wants, more action!!

Asli Panga starts today!!