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Fazel Atrachali vs Mohammadreza Chiyaneh - Pro Kabaddi's Defensive Powerhouses

In the world of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) the clash of Fazel Atrachali and Mohammadreza Shadlou Chiyaneh is full of excitement and remembered as legendary. Fazel and Shadlou have both made their impact on the game by demonstrating strong defense and providing value to their teams.

PKL Season 10 Stats

In the PKL Season 10, Gujarat Giants’ Fazel and Puneri Paltan’s Chiyaneh were the leading defenders. Even though they might have been primarily known for their abilities on the defensive side, they provided other attributes to their squads as well. Chiyaneh, who won the trophy with the Paltan, scored a spectacular 126 points in a total of 24 matches, while Fazel accumulated 66 points in 23 matches.


Mohammadreza Shadlou Chiyaneh was more aggressive and attempted 164 tackles during the season. Fazel attempted 121 of those tackles. However, what really defines Chiyaneh is the tackle success rate, a staggering 97 tackles, this is evidence of a toe-to-toe encounter with top raiders. Fazel completed 58 tackles successfully out of the total 121 which makes him 48% successful, and for that aspect of the game, although he was not as dominant as Chiyaneh.

Mohammadreza Shadlou scored an astonishing 99 points, 2 Super Tackles, and 11 High 5s. On the other hand, Fazel the experienced man had 62 tackle points in total in which he scored 4 Super Tackles and 3 High 5s.


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BC Ramesh, the mentor of the Puneri Paltan, successfully plotted the game in such a way that he employed Chiyaneh’s aggressive strengths. Chiyaneh tried 59 raids and was capable of gaining 27 raid points, earning 2 super raids. Fazel, however, played a more defensive role and was involved in just 8 raids with 4 raid points, 2 of which were bonus raid points. 

Fazel Atrachali and Mohammadreza Shadlou Chiyaneh have etched their name in the PKL records books. Fazel has years of experience as a player and also as a captain of his national team Iran and several PKL teams. Shadlou the talented youngster brings extra energy and passion in addition to constant intent on scoring. 

It has been noted before that their playing styles are different and yet their rivalry on the mat is interesting because each of them tends to bring out the best in the other. Looking forward to the future in the course of the PKL, fans are still yet to further identify how these defensive giants will bolster up and fight one another on their dominance in the league.