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Fight for top spots intensifies in Yuva Kabaddi Series TN Clubs 2024 Booster Round

The Yuva Kabaddi Series TN Clubs 2024 is in full swing, with the Booster Round bringing exciting new matchups and a fight for a spot in the Summit Round. VELS University leads the points table after a thrilling Day 15 at the Velammal Bodhi Campus in Ponneri, Chennai.

VELS University

VELS University is currently the team to beat, dominating the Booster Round with seven wins and just one loss in their eight encounters. This translates to a staggering 41 points, putting them firmly in first place. Their consistent performance and strong raiding and tackling strategies have proven highly effective.

The Chase for the Top Spots

Following closely behind VELS University is PRIST University, currently in second place with 36 points. They've secured six wins and a crucial tie, showcasing their resilience and strategic approach. Karpagam University sits in third place with 34 points, boasting six wins but also suffering two losses. The fight for the top positions is fierce, and every match holds immense importance.

The Mid-Table Battle

Durai Singam (31 points) and Samy Academy (31 points) occupy the fourth and fifth positions respectively. Both teams have displayed a mix of impressive wins and crucial losses, highlighting the competitive nature of the Booster Round. Chennai Sports (30 points) and Kattakudi Sports (29 points) follow closely behind, showcasing their capabilities with five wins each.


Looking to Climb the Ladder

NA Academy (24 points) and Nellai Kings (23 points) find themselves in the eighth and ninth positions. They'll need to capitalize on upcoming matches and secure victories to climb the leaderboard and potentially reach the Summit Round.

The Fight for Survival

Sivagangai Warriors (19 points) and SRM University (17 points) are currently placed tenth and eleventh, respectively. While they've secured some wins, they face an uphill battle to reach the top ten and qualify for the Summit Round.

Jayachitra Club, AMKC Gobi, Alathankarai Club, PK Sports, and KR Sports occupy the bottom five positions. These teams will need to dig deep and showcase their best kabaddi skills to improve their standings and avoid elimination.

Day 16 Schedule

  • Eight teams will battle it out on Day 16, with the top ten sides from the Booster Round advancing to the coveted Summit Round. Here are some key matchups to watch out for:
  • VELS University vs Sivagangai Warriors (10:15 AM): The current leader takes on a team hungry for points. This promises to be a thrilling encounter.
  • AMKC Gobi vs Karpagam University (11:45 AM): Both teams need a win to climb the table. This match could be a nail-biter.
  • NA Academy vs PK Sports (4:15 PM): A crucial match for both teams looking to improve their positions.
  • Kattakudi Sports vs SRM University (5:45 PM): Kattakudi Sports will look to capitalize on their momentum, while SRM University will fight for a much-needed victory.

The Yuva Kabaddi Series TN Clubs 2024 is witnessing some intense competition, with teams showcasing their strategic prowess and exceptional athleticism. As the Booster Round progresses, the battle for a spot in the Summit Round intensifies. Kabaddi fans can expect more nail-biting matches, unexpected twists, and a celebration of this dynamic sport.