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Ghar Se Panga: Rajendra Rajale takes home tution on Kabaddi in the times of Corona

As the whole country gets into the lockdown, the Kabaddi enthusiasts have a reason to cheer up. Kabaddi Adda brings you a chance to interact with the Kabaddi coaches, Kabaddi players, and experts. 

Listen, Meet and Ask coach Rajendra Rajale all your questions:

What is escaping in Kabaddi?

Situations of escape:
1.    After taking a bonus point
2.    After a hand touch
3.    To avoid an ankle hold
4.    To avoid a block
5.    To avoid a chain block
6.    To avoid a dash

Which are the areas of escape:
1.    Use of lobby
2.    Right corner to midline
3.    Left corner to midline
4.    From the middle of the mat

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One of the top coaches in the field of Kabaddi, Rajendra Rajale, will be with you all to share the tips and tricks of Kabaddi. Mr. Rajale has been training hundreds of kids in his academy near Pune and has also been featured in various places while coaching players across the country.

Rajendra Rajale Kabaddi
Rajendra Rajale with his students

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In what will be a session of 40 minutes each, you will get to know about how a raider should escape from the opposition mat in various cases. On the 29th of March 2020, Coach Rajale will be talking about how to escape after getting a hand touch as well as on the techniques of escaping after getting a bonus point.

He will further answer your questions in the live interactive session during the 40 minutes. Rajale will also stress on how to escape, how to use the lobby area on the mat, and how to manage to not come in the hands of the defenders.

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So, join us on the 29th of March at 4 PM and get to interact with Kabaddi Coach Rajendra Rajale.

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