History of Senior Nationals Kabaddi Tournament


Senior Nationals Kabaddi captures gravity of the sport

Prokabaddi League was launched in 2014. In the same year the 61st edition of Senior Nationals Kabaddi tournament was conducted. And until then Senior Nationals was without doubt one of the most prestigious tournament in Kabaddi and it is been around for almost as long as India. It goes without saying that this tournament showcased the highest level of the sport Kabaddi. 

The tournament was till recently played on clay, often with makeshift stands for the audience. But often no seat goes empty in these stands. 

History of Senior Nationals Kabaddi
senior nationals results
Senior Nationals Kabaddi Men's Results

Maharashtra won the 65th edition of the tournament after 11 years of wait. In recent years, 4 teams have been outstanding performers - Services, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Haryana. Indian Railways has been on the decline; however with Pawan Sherawat, Vikas Kandola and Dharmaraj Cheralathan in their line-up, they will give a fight in the upcoming 66th edition. 

Teams and Players to watch out for

1. Services : Rohit Kumar, Nitin Tomar, Jaideep

2. Railways : Pawan Sherawat, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Vikas Kandola

3. Maharashtra : Siddharth Desai*, Girsh Ernak

4. Haryana : Pardeep Narwal, Sandeep Narwal

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