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Indian Kabaddi team barred from International events, Kabaddi World Cup participation in jeopardy

Indian Kabaddi is facing a major setback on the international stage. The sport's governing body, the International Kabaddi Federation (IKF), has barred Indian players from participating in international competitions due to a governance issue within the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India (AKFI). This decision of IKF has put India’s Kabaddi World Cup participation in jeopardy.

The IKF's decision came after AKFI's current state of operation. The federation is currently under the control of an administrator, and a legal dispute regarding its leadership is pending before the Delhi High Court. While AKFI did hold elections in December 2023, electing Vibhor Jain as president and Jitendra Pran Singh as secretary general, a cloud of uncertainty hangs over the results.

The crux of the issue lies in the fact that the election results haven't been officially approved. The returning officer overseeing the elections has placed them under review until the court case is settled. This means that AKFI remains under the administrator's control, despite the newly elected officials.


The IKF views this situation as a violation of their affiliation requirements. In a letter to the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) president, P.T. Usha, IKF chief Vinod Kumar Tiwari stated, "The management of the AKFI continues to be with the administrator... This is a clear violation of the conditions for affiliation to the IKF." As a consequence, the IKF has barred any teams sent by the AKFI from participating in the upcoming 1st Senior Men's World Beach Kabaddi Championships.

This ban deals a significant blow to Indian Kabaddi's international standing. This isn't the first time the sport has faced challenges due to AKFI's internal conflicts. Earlier this year, the Indian team was excluded from the Asian Indoor and Martial Art Games due to similar governance issues.

Mr Vinod Tiwari's letter to PT Usha

The administrator-controlled status of AKFI effectively hinders India's participation in major international Kabaddi events. This is a cause for concern for Indian Kabaddi fans as kabaddi World Cup is scheduled to be held in January 2025.

The upcoming Delhi High Court hearing on Thursday could hold the key to resolving this crisis. If the court upholds the election results and grants control to the newly elected officials, AKFI can then work towards regaining its good standing with the IKF.

The future of Indian Kabaddi's international participation hinges on a swift resolution to this ongoing governance issue. Hopefully, a solution will be reached soon, allowing Indian Kabaddi team to once again compete and shine in the international Kabaddi arena.