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Live Streaming India Vs Iran: India beat Iran by 33-28 to keep a 100% win record in Asian Kabaddi Championship 2023

A very warm welcome to all of you in Kabaddi Adda's live coverage of the Asian Kabaddi Championship 2023 match between India and Iran. Both of the teams are heading into this fixture without losing a single match in the tournament until now. 

Both India and Iran are level in terms of points but the reigning champions are above the 2003 champions because of a better point difference. Yesterday India had defeated Japan by 62-17 but today's match against Iran will be extremely tough. 

On Day 2 Iran played 2 matches and won both by big margins. First they defeated Hong Kong by 60-31 and then hosts South Korea by 72-17. Thus India Vs Iran is going to be a mouthwatering clash and perhaps it is the most anticipated fixture in the tournament. 

Tap the link below to watch Asian Kabaddi Championship 2023 live:


The match will begin shortly but before that let's take a look at India's playing 7 for today:

Pawan Sehrawat(C), Aslam Inamdar, Parvesh Bhainswal, Surjeet Singh, Nitin Rawal, Nitesh Kumar and Arjun Deshwal 

India won the toss and asked Iran to take the first raid

1st Half


Alireza takes the raid of the match but India wins the first point as the Iranian raider was self-out


Pawan Sehrawat wins the first raid of India 


Iran raider wins a bonus point

Do-or-Die Raid for Iran


Iran are responding better than any other team that India have faced as Iranian raider have earned a Bonus point. 


Arjun Deshwal fails to win a point as he is caught by Iran's defense. India are trailing for the first time in the tournament


Pawan Sehrawat equals the score with a Bonus point


Surjeet Singh initiates a tackle and catches Iran raider to take the lead

Do-or-Die Raid for India taken by Aslam Inamdar


Inamdar wins a touch point

Do-Or-Die raid for Iran, number 7 on the raid


Iranian raider wins a bonus point but Surjeet Singh bashes him to the lobby eventually 


Fantastic raid carried out by Aslam Inamdar and he brings 2 points, Iran left with only one player


Iran do get a bonus point but India forced Iran's first all-out of the match


Pawan Sehrawat wins 2 touch points and puts the pressure back on Iran. India are slowly putting a tight grip


Iran Raider gets one touch point


Skipper Sehrawat is looking relentless! Wins another touch point

There is a disagreement between Indian players and Iran raider Alireza. The match is getting intense

Do-Or-Die raid for Iran


Iran number 9 wins a touch point and gets Parvesh Bhainswal out

Do-Or-Die raid for India


Pawan Sehrawat wins a bonus point


Skipper Sehrawat at it again as he wins another 2 points, lead now of 10 points


Surjeet Singh stands on the way of Iran raider Alireza, increases the lead

Do-Or-Die raid for India


Aslam Inamdar gets super tackled by Iranian defenders. Inamdar remained inches away from the mid line

Do-Or-Die raid for Iran


Iran raider fails to make an impact whatsoever and India are leading at half-time

The intense 1st-half has come to an end and India are leading at half-way stage by 10 points  

2nd Half


Pawan Sehrawat takes the first raid of the 2nd half but Iran win 2 points


Arjun Deshwal goes for the raid bu Iran defender Vahid blocks him to win a tackle point


India wins a tackle point


Aslam Inamdar caught during raid once again, a strong block by Jersey number 3 well supported by other corners and covers

Do-Or-Die Raid for Iran


Iran raider Alireza stands up for the occasion and wins a touch point


Pawan Sehrawat wins a touch point

Do-Or-Die Raid for Iran


Iran Raider A.Mohammad brings back 2 points in 3rd raid

Do-Or-Die Raid for India


Bonus point taken by Pawan Sehrawat

Substitution Vishal Bhardwaj in for Arjun Deshwal

Super tackle on as 3 Indian players are currently on the mat 


Surjeet Singh fails to grab hold of Iran Raider Alireza


Sehrawat wins another touch point. India is heavily relying upon him today


Bonus point won by who else but the man on fire Pawan Sehrawat


The referee gives a controversial point to Iran as Alireza gets main raider Pawan Sehrawat


Aslam Inamdar wins a bonus point but he is the only Indian player on the mat


Inamdar do won a bonus point, however due to the 30 second time limit he is out and India suffer their first All-out of the match and the tournament itself


Captain Pawan is breathing fire as he wins an important touch point


Bonus point won by Iran raider Alireza


Sehrawat playing to win bonus point it seems


Arjun Deshwal gets touched by Iran defender, lead reduced by 4 points


Pawan Sehrawat wins a bonus point but he is blocked by Iran's defense eventually


Parvesh Bhainswal tries to ankle hold but Iran number 12 escapes successfully

Last 2 minutes

Do-Or-Die Raid for India


Aslam Inamdar goes for the raid but his ankle is strongly held by Iran number 12


Brilliant super tackle by Indian defense as they catch Iran's hottest raider Alireza


Iran gets a point in the final raid of the match but its too late for them to react. 

------Full time----

India remain undefeated in Asian Kabaddi Championship 2023 after 4 matches. Today, the Men in Blue faced a tougher opponent in the form of Iran but the eventual scoreline remained in favor of India by 33-28.