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Mohit Goyat keen to add value to the Puneri Paltan franchise in Pro Kabaddi 8!

Mohit Goyat was one of the players to watch out for in the NYP Draft of PKL 8 Auctions after an eye catchy performance in the K7 Qualifiers and K7 Kabaddi Stage Up. Kabaddi Adda caught up with Mohit to understand his thoughts on being signed by Puneri Paltan. Read on!!!

Mohit Goyat in Action


Playing his trade for Bhaini School in the K7 Kabaddi Stage-up and K7 Qualifiers, Mohit Goyat hogged the limelight in the tournament as he was the top raider with 174 points. After an impressive showing, a PKL call-up was on its way and Goyat was picked by Puneri Paltan which will be coached by Anup Kumar. The PKL 2 champion, who is known as one of the greatest tacticians to have played the sport, saw Mohit closely as he was in the stands for multiple games in the K7 Kabaddi Stage-up. 

Goyat handled pressure situations with ease as he was among the top 5 raiders of the tournaments in the do-or-die raiders. Goyat was picked in the new young player category and will be one of the most exciting rookies in action in this season’s PKL. Ahead of the PKL season, the raider talked about the excitement of being part of a PKL team, sharing the dressing room with legendary players, and the challenges of making the switch from playing local tournaments to the PKL.  

KA: Before the PKL auction, did you have an idea that any team is going to sign you in the auction? 

Mohit: I had given my cent percent and performed well in the K7 Kabaddi Stage-up. I knew that PKL teams would have an eye on me in the auction. So, I had a feeling that teams would bid for me in the upcoming auction. 

KA: How was the situation at home when the auction was going on? 

Mohit: My family had tuned into the auction and were eager to see if any team would go for me. Everyone at home was waiting for my name and was excited to know which team would bid for me and eventually which team I would play for. 

KA: How did you know that Puneri Paltan has signed you? How did everyone in the family react? 

Mohit: I had tuned in to the auction, so I was following the auction on my mobile along with my family. The moment we got to know that I was drafted into Puneri Paltan, everyone in the family was happy to know that and distributed sweets to everyone around my place.

KA: Anup Kumar will be the coach of Puneri Paltan. He has seen you at the K7 Kabaddi Stage-up and knows your game. Did you have an idea that he would bid you?

Mohit: Anup sir was following the Stage-up, so I had a feeling that he might be interested in signing me, he had seen me. but I had a feeling that other teams would go for me in the NYP Draft. So I was not sure which team would sign me but I was very confident that I would make it. 

KA: You have been playing local tournaments and nationals for a while. But now, you will be playing on a much bigger level with established superstars in PKL. How do you feel about it? 

Mohit: There are players who I watched on TV and are legends of the game. It will be a great opportunity to learn from these players. 

KA: What’s your goal for PKL 8? 

Mohit: This is obviously a very good opportunity so the goal is to put in all my efforts and add value to the franchise in whatever way possible. 

KA: According to you, what is your strength and how will this help your team? 

Mohit: I have been picked as a raider, the goal will be to perform as well as I can and add as much value as possible to the team.

KA: You will be staying in the bio-bubble throughout the tournament and pre-tournament training camp as well. How will you cope with it? 

Mohit: We have to do it because of the times we live in to ensure that no one is detected with the virus. There are challenges when you are starting in a new place, so I will be looking forward to fighting this obstacle. 

KA: You were the star player of your team in the K7 Stage-up. You won’t be getting as many chances in the PKL as you have got in other tournaments until now?

Mohit: I will try to toil as hard as I can. I will try to give my 100% percent whenever I get an opportunity. My main aim is to learn from all the players around me in the team and when the opportunity arises I want to be ready and give my best performance.

KA: Your team has Rahul Chaudhari and Nitin Tomar who are an inspiration for your generation. Anup Kumar is your coach. How is the feeling to learn from all these legends?

Mohit: The aim will be to learn as much as possible from all these great players. Anup Kumar is the coach who has been a legend of the sport. It's a great feeling and an opportunity to learn from the best in the business.

KA: Have you started any personal training ahead of the PKL?

Mohit: We practice here in our village. So that has been the training as of now. I am looking forward to the camp which is set to begin soon.

 KA: You have played K7 where the limelight was on you. But in PKL you will be an unknown player and have to prove yourself to the newer audience. 

Mohit: I will try to give my best and perform whenever given the chance. For any player, there has to be a starting point and I think I’m fully prepared to take this challenge and perform well for my team. 

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