Kabaddi Adda

Net Points: The metric to determine raider value


Consider this situation:

It's a DOD raid and the lead raider of UM, Siddharth Desai is out to raid, this is the penultimate raid of the match where the scores are level - a match in which PU barely managed to stay in the hunt for so long.

This is exactly what happened in the Match 26 of PKL 6


With Rinku, Monu and GB more on the mat, it's an easy situation for Siddharth Desai to score, but siddharth desai pushes rinku to a corner (expecting the dash to not come from Monu and GB who are holding hands) and in doing he steps on the lobby, thus a super tackle situation won by Pune, Pune go on to the lead and in the final raid More GB kills the clock Pune wins a thrilling game by one point.



Conventionally, the league gives Siddharth Desai 0 points for this effort and 2 technical points to Pune. We believe this method of awarding points is a bit skewed and does not reflect the actual game play - and hence the new metric - Net Points

In this situation, Pune has to get a 2 points and Desai has lost 2 points. So Desai gets a -2 points for this raid and the three defenders of pune mat split the 2 points equally; this metric was designed to have a high correlation with the game outcome.

Similarly, the other situations:

  • When the Raider scores a bonus - we award a point to the raider and the -1 point is split among the 6/7 defenders on the court.
  • When the Raider gets a touch point - we award a point to the raider and -1 for the defender who has been out
  • When the Defender tackles a raider - The main tackler is awarded 50% of the points while the rest of the points is split among the support tackles
  • When a team inflicts an all-out: The team which inflicts the allout splits the 2 points in the proportion of time on mat of players in the team and the team which underwent allout - splits -2 similarly.

The Net points is an interesting way to look at the match as to who added positive and negative value to the team, we will be constantly trying this metric to to factor the impact of which player comes in or goes out. Example: Deepak Nivas Hooda in Season 5 Eliminator went on to a DOD and claimed a touch on Vijay (Patna Pirates) - which was not awarded - as a result Pardeep came (who was a monster raider in season 5) in and Raided next - and a moment of madness from pune got them to an all-out, advantage Patna and Patna won the game. Clearly Deepak should be penalized more than the -1 point he lost for his team in the DOD.