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Panipat boys sings "we are the champions" as the Haryana State Junior Kabaddi Championship comes to an end.

The Haryana State Junior Kabaddi Championship came to grandstand finish. For match summary read below



Day 2 of the Haryana State Junior Kabaddi Championship began with, Hisar was taking on Mewat in the first match of the day. Four more fixtures were remaining before the Quarters Final stage could begin. Favorites such as Jhajjar, Panipat, and Jind Boys also had one more game to play before they could take their place in the quarter-final round.


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GAME 11 - Mewat  10 - 4o Hisar

The opening fixture saw boys from Hisar continue from where they left off yesterday. Hisar Blew past Mewat easily as they sealed a resounding victory of 30 points to proceed into the next round. 

GAME 12 - Charkhi Dadri 14 - Jhajjar 41

The 2nd game of the day was between Charkhi Dadri who were given a bye in their earlier round. Went head to head against a strong Jhajjar side who looked like they were all set to go through into the next round. Jhajjar's side started slowly as they wanted to read their opponents first. They were not putting much effort but were leading in the first off. As soon as they finished analyzing their opponents, they sealed off the match with a professional display as they ran out winners by 27 points.

GAME 13 - Jind 29 - 23 Kurukshetra 

The 3rd game was supposed to be an evenly matched contest. Both teams were coming into this game  by registering convincing wins on game day 1 of the competition. Jind and Kurukshetra both started the game in high intensity as both teams wanted to gain the upper hand first. They were matched toe to toe, as the first half ended without much difference between both the teams. The 2nd half started similarly but the team from Jind was starting to build some momentum. Kurukshetra was slower off the blocks this time around, which ultimately cost them a place in the quarter-final. 

GAME 14  - Gurugram 21 - 36 Panipat 

The final game before the quarter-finals saw favorites Panipat take on a strong Gurugram side. Panipat started with a bang as their raiders went right through Gurugram’s defense before they could even settle. Their fast start gave them the lead while heading on to the break. The 2nd half saw Gurugram being much more settled but, they did not have much time to relax and sit back. Gurugram started to score some points but Panipat slowed down the game as they ran out the winners to go through to the next round.



QF 1 - Jhajjar 27 - 42 Palwal

Jhajjar was coming up after back-to-back wins in the earlier games with huge margins. They were the favorites to win this game and move on to the semis. Palwal was yet to be tested, with a bye in their earlier round nobody knew about their potential and, that could turn in their favor is what they have hopped. Jhajjar started again by scoring  quick points as they were already in their rhythm. Palwal started slowly as their players were just settling on in the game. The half ended with Jhajjar showing more intent to win. But 2nd half was a different story. Palwal started much more aggressively and took the game of Jhajjar's hands to register a surprise win of 15 points to go into the semis.

QF 2 - Bhiwani 54 - 30 Hisar 

2nd quarter-final was going to be an action-packed affair, both teams had not so far conceded many points. They were hoping for similar luck this time too. Hisar and Bhiwani both started strongly both team raiders were matching each other point to point and, defenders were getting in the odd point here and there. The first half was a jam-packed affair and, the audience was hoping for the same in the 2nd half. The home team took command in the 2nd half and Hisar just could not reply to this attack. Bhiwani came out as winners because of their great 2nd half performance. 

QF 3 - Sonipat 26 - 27 Panipat 

The battle of the Pats was here finally. Both teams so far have been great, but this could have swung the favor of any side and, no one was sure before the game. Both teams started cautiously as they did not want to concede silly points. With the pragmatic approach, the first half was a low-scoring affair, unlike their usual standards. The 2nd half began just like the first half, with teams matching each other and waiting for the other team to concede first. The highly awaited contest saw a grandstand finish with Panipat edging the boys from Sonipat by a single point.

QF 4 - Karnal 16 - 27 Jind 

The last quarter-final was supposed to be an easy game for the high-flying boys from Jind. The kind of form they had, the stage was set for them to go through. Jind obliged the audience's demand for a good game. They managed the game to perfection and won the game without breaking any great sweat.



SF 1 - Jind 14 - 40 Bhiwani

From here on now the, earlier results meant nothing. The team which could keep their nerves was going to go through to the finals. Jind wanted to start the game strong by scoring some quick points, just like they did in the earlier games, but their plan backfired completely as the Bhiwani defense shut them out. Jind was just not able to get going in this crucial game as they crumbled like bits and pieces to hand the game over to the host Bhiwani, who made a clear statement with a 26 point win in the semi-final.

SF 2 - Panipat 34 - 30 Palwal

The 2nd semi-final was just as good as the first final on paper. But anything could happen in the semi-finals. Panipat was coming here by winning a close game against Sonipat, while Palwal came here with a surprise win over Jhajjar. The game was one of the best games of Kabaddi from both teams. The teams were showing good skills and keeping their composure intact. They knew one wrong step here could cost them their place in the finals. The teams were tied, Panipat just like in the last game, was able to keep their nerve when it mattered most and won the game in the closing stages by 4 points. 

  • FINALS - Bhiwani 24 - 27 Panipat 

The final was finally here. The most deserving teams were going to go head to head with the trophy of the Junior State Championship on the line. The host had the advantage of the crowd support being behind them, while Panipat had the upper hand when it was about winning close games and keeping the nerves in crucial moments.

Both teams had a slow start, both set of the raiders putting out empty raids first. The teams were finally settled mid-way through the first half and started scoring some points. The game was worthy of being the final as both sets of players showed exceptional gameplays that made spectators go off their seats. The game went right down to the wire. The teams were at a stalemate with 3 mins left on the clock. Panipat again showed why they were able to make it till here, and once again, they were the side who kept their composure to win the game by 3 points and were the deserving champions.