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Pro Kabaddi League 2023: Top 5 Players with Most Consecutive Super-10s in PKL History

In the high-octane arena of the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), raiders often emerge as game-changers, captivating fans with their stellar performances. The league's history is adorned with remarkable feats, and one such accolade that sets Raiders apart is the consecutive Super-10s – a testament to their consistency and dominance on the mat.

Most Consecutive Super-10s in PKL History

1. Naveen Kumar: The Unrivaled Raider

Naveen Kumar stands tall at the summit, holding an unparalleled record in PKL history. The Dabang Delhi sensation created history by notching up a staggering 28 consecutive Super-10s during the 7th and 8th seasons. His prolific raiding spree played a pivotal role in Dabang Delhi clinching the title in the 8th season, leaving an indelible mark on PKL's legacy.

2. Pawan Sehrawat: The High-Flyer

Pawan Sehrawat, known for his aerial acrobatics and raiding prowess, earned the title of the most expensive player in PKL history. During the 7th and 8th seasons, Sehrawat astounded fans by stringing together an impressive streak of 13 consecutive Super-10s. His electrifying performances have solidified his status as one of the league's all-time greats.


3. Arjun Deshwal: The Talismanic Raider

Arjun Deshwal played a pivotal role in Jaipur Pink Panthers' triumph in the 9th season. Displaying exceptional raiding skills, he notched up an incredible 12 consecutive Super-10s, contributing significantly to his team's success. Deshwal's ability to deliver under pressure highlights his prominence in the PKL raiding landscape.

4. Maninder Singh: The Mighty Raider

Maninder Singh showcased individual brilliance during the 9th season, despite his team falling short of the title. His commendable performance included achieving 10 consecutive Super-10s, a testament to his consistency and impact on the mat.

5. Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar, not content with his earlier exploits, secured the fifth position on this illustrious list. His contribution to Dabang Delhi's title triumph in the 8th season involved another remarkable achievement – scoring 10 consecutive Super-10s. Kumar's consistency and ability to deliver when it matters most underline his significance in PKL.

As PKL continues to evolve, these raiders stand as luminous beacons of skill, determination, and excellence. Their consecutive Super-10s not only contribute to team victories but also elevate the excitement for fans who eagerly anticipate their dazzling raids. In the history of PKL, these raiders have left an indomitable mark, showcasing the enduring allure and competitive spirit of India's premier kabaddi league.