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Rakesh Kumar identifies Future stars of Kabaddi in an conversation with Sunil Taneja

Rakesh Kumar identifies young talent who has the potential to be a star in the future in a conversation with Sports commentator Sunil Taneja.

Rakesh Kumar, also known as Raka, and a legend of Indian Kabaddi is now playing the role of a coach with Haryana Steelers. He along with Anup Kumar, coach of Puneri Paltans got on an Instagram Live show hosted by sports commentator Sunil Taneja. They get on a lively conversation about the future of Indian Kabaddi. We capture some bytes from this conversation. 

Anup Kumar shares his secret about how to keep your cool in the heat of a match - "I can't talk on behalf of all the Kabaddi coaches but I believe that there is already immense pressure on the players. And if I go and scream at them in the game, then more often than not players lose motivation and give up. But looking at my team's performance at the moment, sometimes I feel they are not able to perform even after telling them so many times. Sometimes I feel it's better to put on my shoes, get on the mat and start playing."


Sunil Taneja to Raka: Other than your team's new players like Meetu and Jaideep, who do you think in other teams have the capacity to become the future of Kabaddi in India?

Rakesh Kumar: From my team, it is obviously Meetu and Jaideep without a doubt. From Anup's team, that is Puneri Paltan, Mohit Goyat. Mohit has been performing everywhere I go and now he is with Anup so you will see how beautifully he will be moulded. Talking about other teams, Gujarat Giant's raider Rakesh Sungroya has already started showing his performance as a lead raider for the team, I think this player has huge potential. Dabang Delhi has two of them, one is a raider, and the other is a defender, I had my eyes on both of them, Ashu Malik and the right corner defender Krishan. I have seen them playing in Haryana and giving the best quality of Kabaddi everywhere. Now they are playing with a team of experienced players, I believe these two boys will have a lot to learn from the senior players. There is another player you haven't seen him playing yet because Jaipur hasn't put him on the mat yet, he's from Lakhan Majra, Rohtak, a cover defender - Deepak. It will be fascinating to see him on the mat. Sunil Bhai you would have noticed the new left corner of Bulls - Aman. I had my eyes on him as well, he did not play in any of the school or university games, he is purely a local village talent.

Rakesh Kumar ends the conversation hoping the best Kabaddi on the mat and prays that no player should get injured.

"I wish that all these young players should learn and evolve to become better every day. And none of these young players should face any early injuries that will affect their future game".



On the ending note, Sunil Taneja requests everyone to wear the mask and follow all the covid guidelines, and prays for the safety and health of the viewers.