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Rohit All Set to Represent Bengal Warriors in Pro Kabaddi 8; A Long Last Dream of PKL Fulfilled!

Rohit Raghav was one of the players to watch out for in the NYP Draft of PKL 8 Auctions after his scintillating performance in the K7 Qualifiers and K7 Kabaddi Stage Up made one of the hot picks for the season. Kabaddi Adda caught up with Rohit to understand his thoughts on being picked by Bengal Warriors for PKL 8.

We all have had that one friend, who was good in sports, played all day, yet scored good marks. They were the all-rounders that we all dreamed of becoming. When we play any team sport like Kabaddi, we are bound to come up against these geniuses that are just too good, whether in offense or defense. They are forever wild cards that could change the game any moment at sheer will. When others seem down and out, they rise to the occasion. 

Today we talk about one such personality who made a name for himself in the youth kabaddi circuit and now looks to jump into the league of the big boys, with the latest draft of the PKL Season 8.


Rohit Raghav from the inaugural winning team, NK Academy of K7 Kabaddi stage up 2021 has been signed by the defending champions, Bengal warriors. He was instrumental for his team during the 2nd leg of the K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021 and now looks to continue his antics for his new team in the big league, His skill to Raid as well as support in defense makes him one of the players who will add key value to the BC Ramesh coached unit in Pro Kabaddi 8. 

KA:- How do you feel about being signed by the Bengal Warriors for the upcoming PKL 8?

Rohit:- I feel overwhelmed about this, every player dreams to be in PKL as this is the topmost league in Kabaddi, every Kabaddi player in our country aspires to be here and this is something that is watched all over by fan's, families alike. I am looking forward to this new adventure and no better team to start off with- Bengal Warriors.

KA:- Were you confident about being picked by any team during this drafting session?

Rohit:- Yes, I was pretty optimistic because of my past and current achievements in the youth circuit especially K7, I knew people would take notice, they finally did, and here I am.

KA:- The news about your selection in Bengal warriors, how were you informed about this? Did your parents come to know about this first or you told them?

Rohit:- I was at the ground training at that time. After training, I was browsing Social media apps and, then I came across the news on Kabaddi Adda about my selection for PKL season 8. 

It was me who informed my parents about the selection. People back in my village are still not tech-savvy yet, so it was me who broke the news not the other way around.

KA:- You have played many local and age group tournaments so far, but this would be your first professional league where there would be household national players, playing alongside you. How do you feel about this?

Rohit:- These are exciting times for me ahead. I got picked up by a team who are the defending champions. The level of training and the intensity would be top-notch and being able to share the dressing room with players such as Maninder Singh sir would be a big opportunity for me to learn and understand how to improve myself further.

KA:- What is your target for PKL8? And what are your strength that would come in handy for the team going forward?

Rohit:- To play fearless Kabaddi, like a champion, and show everyone and me that I belong here, that is my target for the season. My strength that would be valuable going forward is the ability to play as a raider and also as a 2nd man helper while defending, which would be a huge asset for my team.

KA:- Because of the covid, you will have to stay in the bio bubble for more than 3 months. Far away from your friends and family, how will you cope up with this?

Rohit:- These are unfortunate times and I know that the tournament would take place in a bio bubble. But this is the small sacrifice that every athlete here will do without even sweating. The goal is always to go out and play whether in an open or a closed environment. 

KA:-  You have had some great performances in the earlier tournaments, but PKL8 would be on another level. Your first professional tournament. How have you been preparing for it?

Rohit:- Yes, since my coach came to know about my selection he has been helping me develop my skills daily so that when the time comes I will be ready for the action

KA:- How has the experience of K7 been for you? How was it instrumental for your development?

Rohit:- K7 gave us a glimpse of the platform, how the professional system looks like. From the game set up, the venue, management, broadcast, officials, Video referral system everything was set up how it is there for the professional players. And that made players like me hungrier for more to play at such professional tournaments.

KA:- You have been a regular so in every other team you have played so far. But here the opportunities might be few and far between in the matches. Have you thought about this situation?

Rohit:- Yes, I will be playing in the team that will have many veterans and senior players already. And I know opportunities can be hard to come by for a rookie like me. But I have to be patient and keep working hard in every training session so that when my chance comes, I will be able to grab with both hands.


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