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Sahil Sultan makes his way to Tamil Thalaivas for the upcoming season 8 of the PKL.

Sahil Sultan's performances in various tournaments earn him a place in the Tamil Thalaivas squad for the upcoming season 8 of the PKL. Here is an exclusive interview of Sahil with Kabaddi Adda

Many will attack and conquer but, there will always be Bravehearts who will defend and thrash out those who dared to attack their fort. Another such gem who got picked up during the PKL season 8 drafts is Sahil Sultan from PARVEEN AND JASVIR ACADEMY, being the wildcards surprised everyone with their runner-up finish.

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Sahil Sultan had a great season, in his 11 matches he dished out 78 tackles with an avg success rate of almost 45 %. Sahil Sultan got picked by Tamil Thalaivas for the upcoming season 8 of the PKL.

KA:- When did you start playing Kabaddi?

Sahil:- I started not too young but not too late. I was around 12 13 years old when I started out playing kabaddi. Because of my fellow peers, who were all into this particular sport, I got fascinated and attracted towards this. I also have many international and national players who are all from my village also motivated me to pick this sport up.

KA:- Does anyone else in your family play kabaddi?

Sahil:- No, no one from my family plays kabaddi but, some of my extended family members do play this sport. And now some young ones are keen to pick this up as well.

KA: - When you started out playing, did you learn this on your own, from school, or was there someone who guided you?

Sahil:- I started in my village where my coach MR Randhir Gullia, taught me how to play this sport and still does. All the skills and techniques that I have today have all been imparted to me by the coach. 

KA: - How many nationals have you played till now?

Sahil:- I have played Junior nationals from Haryana and in 2019, I have played for Kurukshetra University in the All India University Championship where my team finished 3rd. 

KA: - Sahil, how were you picked up for PKL. Your name was not on the auction list but, you still made it?

Sahil: - My selection was on a trials basis. My name was not there in the initial list. So I had to go to Kochi for the trials.

KA: - How did your family react to this news about your selection in the PKL?

Sahil: - My family members were pretty excited after this news. There were like finally, you made your way into the pro circuit.

KA: - How was your family regarding your decision. That you will play kabaddi and make a career out of it?

Sahil: - My decision of picking kabaddi as a career, has always been backed up by my family members. Since kabaddi was the only thing in my village, my family supported me, and today here I am.

KA: - Since you are far away from home, and under covid restrictions. How is this experience for you being under one roof? 

Sahil: - Yes, this experience has been different. I am missing my homemade food for sure. But the management has made everything available for us and made sure our needs are met instantly without any hassle. This has made every player out here focus on their training and training alone.

KA:- For this upcoming season what new skills and training have you been working on?

Sahil:- Obviously, I am training hard for this opportunity given to me. I am doing what my coaches have asked me to do. For now, we are focusing on our fitness as due to covid some players were out of match practice and we will do the team drills as soon as we move forward with the schedule. 

KA: - So far, you have been in the team where you were an important player for his team-leading from the front. But here, you are selected as an NYP player you will have to wait for your chance and start all over again.

Sahil: - Yes, the chance will indeed be few and far between for players like us. But my chance will come, I will have to be patient and work hard. So that whenever I am called up to play, along with the experienced players. I am ready to fight alongside them.

KA: - How are you feeling, train under the new coaches and with your new teammates? How were your bonding sessions going? 

Sahil: - It is great to train under this new management. All coaches and trainers have been good to me. There has been no particular session as such. But all the training, gym, and fitness sessions are all the bonding sessions that I need.

KA: - How was your experience of K7 Kabaddi Stageup 2021 as a tournament. How has it helped you?

Sahil: - K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021 was a great experience for me. It has all the things that you get in a professional tournament which was helpful. It gave us more motivation to work hard towards our goal to play in the professional circuit and, I hope tournaments like these are just the start. More opportunities like this will come up for the junior players.