Kabaddi Adda

Vikas all set to showcase his Dabangiri at PKL Season 8!

Vikas who had a slow start to the season but soon picked up his groove was hoping that someone to take notice of his ability and potential. After a good individual outing in the K7 Kabaddi stage up 2021 where he lead his team to the super 6 stage. His hard work was rewarded with Dabang Delhi snapping him up for the coming season.

A famous quote that applies to every team sport ever played is "Attack wins you games defense wins you titles" by Sir Alex Ferguson.

The value of having a good defender at times gets overshadowed by the spectators watching the game. But the ones playing out on the mat knows the role that he is carrying out is the most crucial. Unprecedented at times, in kabaddi, the game's true essence lies in trapping the raider with your tight defense. Having a good defender in your team puts your raider at ease when he goes to raid in next.

vikas in action

The PKL 8 also saw some great rookie defenders being scouted and picked up by the franchise and one such name being Vikas from Bhaini School. Vikas had an excellent K7 Kabaddi Stage Up Tournament. He held the fort for his team and was one of the players to look out there, and despite bowing out in super 6, his effort got rewarded when he got picked up by Dabang Delhi.

KA: - When the PKL auction was live, how confident or nervous were you about your chances of being picked up?

Vikas: - On the day of the auction, I was pretty nervous and scared. I was sitting at my home right next to my parents, waiting for the announcements. Finally, when I got picked up, my family and I were both relieved and happy about my selection for PKL 8.

KA: - Since when are you playing Kabaddi. What prompted you to pick it as a sport and make a career out of it?

Vikas: - I started my journey way back in 2013. I honestly never thought that will keep on playing this game till now when I first started. My cousin one day took me with him to the field and, he was playing kabaddi. Watching him play started my liking for the game and since then, I have never looked back.

KA: - Where do you train, from where have you got your training till now?. What is your favorite skill move?

Vikas: - I have been training under my coach MR Dalbir Singh since 2013. Every skill that I have learned today is because of him. My favorite skill would be ankle hold it is something that I am confident and proud of.

KA: - You said earlier your cousin use to play Kabaddi. Are there any more siblings of yours who also play the sport like you?

Vikas: - My cousin left the sport way back and no one apart from me plays Kabaddi now. I was a curious case for my family. I was not good academically, so my parents had to support my passion for kabaddi instead.

KA: - Your family members were very excited when you got picked up by Dabang Delhi. But how was the feeling earlier when you remained unsold at the NYP Draft?

Vikas: - I was a little disappointed at that moment, but my family member was supportive and told me not to lose heart and practice even harder for the next time. But eventually, I got picked in category D which was very satisfying.

KA: - How do you feel about being able to play in a professional team?

Vikas: - This is a huge opportunity. I am a bit start struck about being able to rub my shoulder with elites such as Naveen, Ajay Thakur, Joginder Narwal. I hope to learn from them every day to be a better player in the future.

KA: - What are your goals for the upcoming season of the PKL?

Vikas: - My goals are simple I have to give my 100 % out there and keep improving every day to show my senior teammates that I am here to stay.

KA: - Up till now, you have been playing with players your age. But PKL would be a platform full of national and international players and you will get to play and practice with them. How do you feel about that?

Vikas: - Starting would be an adjusting period as the game would be much faster and stronger. I will try to talk to my senior players and understand how I can improve and gel in with the players. 100% effort at all times will help in earning my place in the team.

KA: - What is your biggest strength as a player?

Vikas: - My strength is my ankle hold. It is the skill I am confident about, my ability to time it and keep hold of it is my biggest strength.

KA: - Because of the PKL, you will have to stay away from home in a bio-bubble. You will not be able to see your family nor eat your favorite home food. What are your thoughts on these measures?

Vikas: - It is important and necessary at the moment. Though I will miss my home, it's not like I have never left my home earlier for months to play. So I will get used to this as well. The main focus now is to practice hard and showcase my talent on the big stage.

KA: - What are your preparation for the PKL 8?

Vikas: - I have been working on my fitness regularly as it is something that would help me over this long season. I have started practice on improving my chain hold as well as I want to have more skills under my arsenal so that the variety will help my team.

KA: - Till now, you have played many tournaments, K7 was your first professional tournament but, PKL would be your first professional league. The transition would be very different. How do you see all this?

Vikas: - The tournaments I played earlier were all short with no rest in between. K7 was the first tournament that gave us a professional ecosystem and helped us understand how it is out there in the real world. K7 was instrumental for me it allowed me to showcase my talent to a larger audience. Because of it, I have got my ticket to PKL and, I will forever be grateful to the K7 staff and officials for that.


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