Will A Team Comprised Of Narwal’s Stand A Chance ?


This team may fare pretty well if introduced.

Sandeep Narwal

Team :Patna Pirates  Position:Defender Right corner.

Superb Defender. Captaincy material, although I would like to have Surjeet as captain.  Tackle specialist and can do some raids if needed. He is a player who every team will  love to have.

Sandeep Narwal with a tackle.


Sandeep Narwal with an ankle hold

Pardeep  Narwal

Team :Patna Pirates Position: Raider

The Dubki specialist of Patna Pirates. The lion’s share of raiding and raid points are done by him. An intelligent player and a raider who does not get caught easily. Favorite of Manpreet Singh,Patna Pirates captain.First to reach 50 raid points in Season 3.



Pardeep Narwal with an escape.

Season 3 he is one of the star raiders. Not used much by the Bengaluru Bulls in the previous season due to the abundance of raiding talent they had. This guy has trained with them and imbibed all the skills in the book .Getting Super 10’s continuously for the team. Main reason why Patna is at the top of the table

Surjeet Narwal

Team: Bengaluru Bulls Position :Raider/Captain

The leader.A remarkable team player and is having a great comeback after missing Season 2 of Pro Kabaddi. Captain of Bengaluru Bulls and this team as he is  my personal favorite to  be the captain of Narwals.


Rajesh Narwal

Team:Jaipur Pink Panthers Position:Raider/Left cover

Jumping over the chain is his USP. Strategic and also defends well. He has been one of the consistent raiders for the panthers except for Sonu Narwal.

Rajesh Narwal with a jump over the chain


Rajesh Narwal with a jump over the chain

Sonu Narwal

Team:Jaipur Pink Panthers  Position:Raider


Tall and has a good reach. He has enough inherent qualities to be a star raider and a very supportive role in defense also. He is currently one of the main weapon in the arsenal of the Pink Panthers captain Navneet Gautham.


Deepak Narwal

Team: Patna Pirates  Position:Raider

He was used as a substitute in the last season. This season he is getting more playing time and has got one super 10 under his belt.

Mahipal  Narwal

Team:Patna Pirates Position: Raider/Right cover

Savior of Bengal warriors on many occasions in season 2. A key defender in the team and also handy for some do or die raids. He spends maximum time on the mat and does  not get out easily and commits very few mistakes.

This team is super strong in terms of raiding strength but a little weak in the defensive area. In my opinion the raiders can make up for the poor defense easily and they can easily use Mahipal or Surjeet as the left corner defense. Looks stronger than most of the teams in Pro Kabaddi right now!!


Joginder Narwal

Team: Bengaluru Bulls Position: Defender Left corner

Parmod Narwal

Team:Bengaluru Bulls Position:All rounder

Rakesh Narwal

Team : Patna Pirates Position: Raider

What do you think about our dream team of Narwals?