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Yuva Kabaddi Series 2023: Team Parbhani and Ratnagiri District outclassed Dhule and Latur District by heavy margin on day 17th of marquee event

The relegation round of the Yuva Kabaddi Series 2023 had four matches, with Parbhani district defeating Dhule district by a score of 54-39.

Moving on to the next match, Nandurbar district defeated Sangli with a score of 39–32.

The day's final two games had elegant contests, with the match between the Palghad and Raigad districts finishing 32 each.

Moving on to the final contest, Ratnagiri District defeated Latur District with a score of 54–24.

The match between Ratnagiri and Latur where the latter had no expectations to win this encounter. 

When it comes to the match between these two powerhouse teams, Sairaj Kambhar was leading the raiding department for Ratnagiri during halftime. 

Shreyas Shinde provided vital support to Sairaj Kambhar for Ratnagiri District which eventually titled game in their favor and seal the game for them .

The Relegation round we have seen various teams competing against each other and placing their top most talent on the table. 

With so much quality on the pitch and the way some individual performances have been praised, the Pune edition of the Yuva Kabaddi Series has been particularly noteworthy. It appears that many new players competing in the premier event will be included to the Pro Kabaddi League for the following season.

In the relegation format, Raigad was the superior team when it came to the encounter between Raigad and Palghar.

Their utter supremacy in the game was evident from the fact that Raigarh district's initial raid was super raid. 

The score between these two teams was 11-18 at the half.

Prashant Jadhav of Raigarh dominated over Palghar due to impressive raiding skills also Ajay complemented him brilliantly with 4 points in defence to drive the score in 1st half. 

"Kabaddi Match"
Kabaddi Points table

Day 17th of marquee event has so much to offer in terms of competition and it will be interesting to see how next day unfolds from here. 

Another successful edition of Yuva Kabaddi Series would mean that more successful Kabaddi talents are 

on the way to make a mark for Pro Kabaddi League and Indian National Kabaddi Team. 

Overall, I have witnessed different Yuva Kabaddi series edition in Ranchi, Chennai and Jaipur and the Kabaddi skills has been exceptional.