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Yuva Kabaddi Series KMP 2023 Play-offs Day 2 : Ahmednagar, Nashik, Kolhapur and Thane pick up bumper victories!

Match Day 2 of the Play-off rounds of Yuva Kabaddi Series KMP Inter District youth league got off to a cracking start with Ahmednagar District and Nanded District starting the proceedings. 

The competition is expected to intensify as YKS reaches its business end and within a few days, we will get the deserving winners of the tournament. So without further to do, let's dive straight into the results of today's fixtures. 

Ahmednagar District Vs Nanded District (Qualifier 3)

The first match of Play-offs day 2 began with Ahmednagar District beating Nanded District to squeeze through the next round. It was a big margin win and it will fill them with immense confidence especially the form they are in. 

Raiders Aditya Shinde scored 12 raid points while Praful Zaware, Shivam Patare and Ajit Pawar complimented him by sharing 14 raid points between them. Final scoreline at the end of full time was 40-27. 

Kolhapur District Vs Mumbai Shahar (Qualifier 4)

Qualifier 4 and 2nd fixture of the day saw Kolhapur successfully beat Mumbai Shahar who were actually hailed as the favorites to win this match. Kolhapur's Patil raiding duo joined forces once again and scored a combined 14 raid points. 

Mumbai Shahar's Shardul Patil who showcased immense quality will be gutted after losing the match as he scored 13 raid points but lacked support from other team mates to lose the match by a score line of 40-24. 

Thane District Vs Palghar District (Eliminator 3)

In the 3rd match, Thane earned a great victory in Eliminator 3 to seal a spot in the Semi-final Qualifiers against Nanded District. Thane's victory meant Palghar's exit from the tournament as Vignesh Chaudhari and Mangesh Sonawane sailed Thane to a 14-point victory. 

Both of the raiders shared 19 raid points between them with Vignesh scoring a Super 10 and Mangesh amassing 9 raid points. Palghar also tried their best but could not get to the victory and lost the fixture by a score line of 39-25. 

Mumbai Upnagar Vs Nashik District (Eliminator 4) 

In the final fixture of Play-offs Day 2 Mumbai Upnagar failed to qualify for the Semi-finals qualifier 2 as they succumbed to the pressure in front of Nashik District.