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Yuva Kabaddi Series TN Clubs 2024: Booster Round Nears Completion

The Yuva Kabaddi Series TN Clubs 2024 is nearing the conclusion of its crucial Booster Round, with teams fiercely battling for a coveted spot in the upcoming Summit Round. Day 24 of the tournament witnessed some exciting matches and significant shifts in the points table, making the race for the top 10 even more intense.

PRIST University 

A thrilling victory against Durai Singam (36-33) on Day 24 propelled PRIST University to the top spot in the standings. They now boast an impressive record of 9 wins, 1 loss, and 2 ties, accumulating 58 points. Their strong score difference of 81 further solidifies their position.

Vels University 

Vels University, the previous leader, slipped down to the second position after Day 24. Despite maintaining a solid performance with 9 wins, 2 losses, and a tie, they now have 55 points. Their score difference of 133 remains impressive, but the pressure is on to maintain their winning momentum.

Karpagam University

Karpagam University continues to hold onto the third position with 9 wins under their belt. However, 3 losses have slightly hampered their progress, leaving them with 52 points and a score difference of 103. Maintaining consistency will be crucial for them to secure a top spot.

Nellai Kings 

Nellai Kings have displayed consistent play, retaining their fourth position with seven wins, three losses, and two ties. They have accumulated 52 points with a score difference of 69, showcasing their well-rounded performance.


Chennai Sports

A crucial win against Samy Academy (46-45) helped Chennai Sports climb from the seventh to the fifth position. Now boasting eight wins and four losses, they have secured 47 points. Their determination to climb the ladder will be a factor to watch in the upcoming matches.

Reshuffle in the Lower Ranks

The battle for the remaining top 10 spots is equally intense. Durai Singam slipped to the sixth position with eight wins and four losses, followed by NA Academy at the seventh spot with a record of seven wins, four losses, and a tie. Samy Academy, Kattakudi Sports, and Sivagangai Warriors occupy the eighth, ninth, and tenth positions, respectively.

With the Booster Round nearing its conclusion, excitement is building for the upcoming Summit Round. The top 10 teams will face off against each other, promising even more intense and nail-biting Kabaddi action. The Yuva Kabaddi Series TN Clubs 2024 is showcasing the immense talent and passion for Kabaddi in Tamil Nadu, and fans are eagerly waiting to see who will emerge as the ultimate champion.