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Yuva Kabaddi Series TN Clubs 2024: Race Heats Up for Summit Round

The Yuva Kabaddi Series TN Clubs 2024 is nearing its halfway point. Day 11 at the Velammal Bodhi Campus in Ponneri, Chennai, saw some exciting matches that shuffled the standings significantly. Let's delve into the current positions and upcoming fixtures.

Samy Academy 

Currently, Samy Academy sits proudly at the top of the table. They've showcased impressive performance with three wins and a tie, accumulating 20 points. Their recent 37-37 tie against PRIST University didn't dampen their spirits, and they maintain a healthy score difference of 33.

PRIST University

Following closely behind is PRIST University, holding onto the second position. They too have secured three wins and a tie, but with a slightly lower score difference of 21 points, giving them a total of 19. They'll be looking to capitalize on upcoming matches and potentially snatch the top spot from Samy Academy.

Durai Singam 

Durai Singam continues to be a strong contender, occupying the third position with 18 points. They've registered three wins but suffered one defeat so far. Their recent victory against AMKC Gobi (44-28) showcased their attacking prowess and kept them in the running for the top spot.

Chennai Sports 

Chennai Sports has made a significant jump in the standings. Climbing from seventh to fourth place with two wins and two defeats, they've managed to collect 12 points. Their convincing win over SRM University (44-35) propelled them ahead in the race.

The Battle for the Top 10 Heats Up

The bottom half of the table currently sees SRM University, Sivagangai Warriors, PK Sports, and AMKC Gobi battling it out. With eight matches scheduled for Day 12, these teams have a crucial opportunity to improve their rankings and potentially break into the top half.

The Race to the Summit Round

It's important to remember that only the top 10 teams from both Pool A and Pool B combined will qualify for the prestigious Summit Round. This means the competition is fierce not just for the top spot but also to secure a position within the coveted top 10.

Day 12 Promises More Kabaddi Action

The excitement continues on Day 12 with four exciting matches lined up. Here's a quick look at the schedule:

  • Match 45: AMKC Gobi vs PRIST University (10:15 AM IST)
  • Match 46: SRM University vs Samy Academy (11:45 AM IST)
  • Match 47: Sivagangai Warriors vs Durai Singam (4:15 PM IST)
  • Match 48: Chennai Sports vs PK Sports (5:45 PM IST)

These matches will be crucial for teams aiming to solidify their positions or climb the ranks. With the top 10 spots in sight, every raid and tackle will count.

Stay tuned for further updates on the Yuva Kabaddi Series TN Clubs 2024. The race to the Summit Round is on, and the upcoming matches promise to be nail-biting encounters.