After a dull first half, Narwal Aacdemy roars to victory in the first match of K7 Qulaifiers | Pool A

K7 qualifiers
Narwal Academy overcomes Parveen & Jasvir Panipat Academy

The K7 Qualifiers started of with a match between Praveen and Jasvir Kabaddi Academy and Narwal Kabaddi and Sport Academy and promised to be a thorough entertainer. After a series of empty raids, Shivam managed to secure NSA their first point of the match. The nerves were massive as the scorline continued to be tight for a long time between the two teams. It was later in the first half where PJKA managed to ooze past their opposition and secure a considerable lead of 6 points as the scorline read as a tally of 22-16.


Full Match Score | Live video


The second half of the match saw a 360 degree turn as NSA came jumping from behind to secure a comfortable win with a scoreline reading 30-37 in the kitty of NSA. The start for the turn of events was a heroic raid from Nitin Kumar, who managed to pull of an all-out raid when he went to do the DOD Raid for his team and helping them come forward and take a lead of 5 points. It was just a matter of defending their position in the game for the Narwal Sports Academy as they kept on their good work in the second half and clinched a winning start for their team and started the tournament as the team would have liked. It was Manish Gulia's valiant effort which was rewarded with the Man of the Match award but every one had their tails up to help their team secure the win.