Kabaddi Adda

Brilliant show of defense by Telugu Titans lead them to their 1st win against Patna Pirates

A solid defensive performance by Telugu Titans captain Vishal Bhardwaj and Abozar Mighani lead them to first victory against the defending champions Patna Pirates. Vishal Bhardwaj 6 tackle points and Abozar MIghani's 5 tackle points kept Pardeep Narwal out of the mat. With Pardeep Narwal's poor show against Telugu Titans defense it was young Manjeet and Vijay who together scored 16 raid points for Patna Pirates which was not enough.

Pardeep Narwal started the raid and a brilliant ankle hold by Anil sent him on the bench, the one who don't know Anil and Pardeep belongs to the same village and are neighbors. Patna could score its first point in the 3rd minute only, in the 9th minute Manjeet scored 2 point and Patna took a lead, while in the 11th minute Pardeep scored 2 points and Patna Pirates inflicted the first all-out.

In the 23rd minute we saw a brilliant ankle hold by Abozar which sent Pardeep Narwal on bench and in the 24th minute Rahul got a point and score was equal and Telugu Tiatans inflicted the first all-out with a lead, while in the 31st minute a brilliant thigh hold by Vikas Jaglan sent Rahul Chaudhari on bench and score was equal 2 7 - 27.


Prokabaddi season 6, match 24, Patna Pirates Vs. Telugu Titans score


Moment of the match was when Abhozar Meghani initiated a super tackle with his brilliant ankle hold and sent Pardeep Narwal on the bench taking the lead and match slipped from Patna Pirates.