Dabang Delhi keeps Jaipur Pink Panthers rooted to the bottom of zone A

It took them 5 minutes to score the first point, but then defence of Dabang Delhi showed the prowess and changed the course of the game in the 10th minute. Anup Kumar and Chandran Ranjeet started the raid with an empty raid, and in the 2nd minute Sandeep Dhull sent Meraj Sheykh on the bench and scored first point for the team.

Deepak Niwas Hooda scored the first raid point in the 3rd minute and was handy in getting points for the team. In the 5th minute Chandran Ranjeet scored first 2 points for the team, while Deepak Niwas Hooda continued to damage Dabang Delhi, were leading by 4 points, and the game took a turn in the 10th minute when Dabang Delhi were reduced to 2 and Depak Niwas Hooda was sent on the bench twice by Joginder Narwal's super tackle in the 10th and 13th minute.

Moment of the match was Meraj Sheykh's 3 point super raid in the 15th minute and score was equal for the first time, 10-10. Naveen's 2 point raid in the 16th minute reduced the Jaipur Pink Panthers to 1, and a brilliant block by Ravinder Pahal sent Selvamani on the bench and Dabang Delhi inflicted the first all-out in the 17th minute and took 3 points lead, and at the stroke of half time score was, 20-16.


Dabang Delhi Vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers Final Score


In the second half Dabang Delhi raiders Meraj Sheykh and Naveen continued to damage Jaipur Pink Panthers and Dabang Delhi inflicted the 2nd all-out in the 35th minute and Jaipur Pink Panthers were trailing by 15 points, 38-23. Dabang Delhi kept the momentum till the end and registered an easy victory against Jaipur Pink Panthers, 40-29.

Dabang Delhi best raider and defender:

Dabang Delhi best raider and defender     
Jaipur Pink Panthers best raider and defender:


Jaipur best raider and defender

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Prokabaddi season 6, day 31 schedule

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