The Dabangs from Delhi tamed the tigers from Bengal, Warriors lost first match in the campaign, 39 - 30

First few minutes it was Bengal Warriors leading the game as Maninder Singh started raid and got a bonus point, while young Navin happened to be empty. In the 3rd minute Navin was on raid and Surjeet Singh's unsuccessful tackle earned him his first point, and in the next raid Maninder Singh was caught by Ravinder Pahal

In the 5th minute Bengal Warriors were leading by 1 point score being 4 - 3, in the 9th minute Maninder singh was on raid and scored 2 points and in the 10th minute score was 8 - 5. In the 11th minute Navin was on raid and scored 2 points, his escape over the chain was brilliant and in the 13th minute Dabang Delhi inflicted the 1st all-out and took 3 point lead 12 - 9, Dabang Delhi maintained the lead till the half time and went into the half time with 3 point lead, 16 - 13 

In the second half Dabang Delhi brilliant show of attack and defense continued, in the 24th minute Chandran Ranjeet was on raid scored 6 point super raid and Dabang Delhi inflicted the second all-out. Joginder Narwal and Ravinder Pahal were at their best as we saw few brilliant tackles from the duo.


Prokabaddi Season 6, day 14, Match number 27, Dabang Delhi Vs. Bengal Warriors Score


In the last 5 minutes Dabang Delhi defenders threw some error, as Jang Kun Lee tried to bring Bengal Warriros back in game but with 11 point lead and brilliant defense of Dabang Delhi all his efforts went in vain and an error by Maninder Singh when he stepped out during a raid gave Dabang Delhi 2 points and while Ran Singh in his last raid scored 3 point super raid and.

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