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Day 1 results - 67th All India Police Wrestling Cluster 2018

Jaipur, 67th All India Police Wrestling Cluster 2018, kicked off yesterday. In the men section Maharastra Police faced off against Odisha in the first match. It was a landslide victory for Maharashtra since the match began, with Maharashtra leading in the halftime, 23-12. We saw some impeccable raids by Maharashtra to finish the match 44-24.

In the second match, Indian CISF went up against the Chandigarh Police team. CISF with Prokabaddi stars Surender Nada and Wazir Singh were the favorites against Chandigarh. This too seemed like a one sided match from the beginning as CISF led 28-16 by the time we reached halftime. The match ended with CISF winning the match scoring 41-21.

In the Women's section, in the first match Himachal Pradesh Police and Punjab Police battled it out, by the time half time approached, Himachal Pradesh was trailing 21-13. This performance by Punjab Police  continued as they defeated HP, 48-29 at the end of regulation time.

All India Police Kabaddi - Womens team

In the second match, Maharshtra was playing against Jammu Kashmir Police. Maharashtra Police decimated Jammu and Kashmir by the time we reached halftime with Maharashtra leading 26-00. It was a landslide victory by Maharashtra as Jammu and Kashmir failed to score a single point by the end of the game, with the final score of Maharshtra leading 44-00.

Total 10 matches each in Men and Women section were played and on the first day in men section, Maharashtra, CISF, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, ITBP, BSF, Haryana, CRPF, West Bengal and Rajasthan emerged as winners. In women section, Punjab Maharshtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Chhatisgarh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Goa, SSB and Odisha emerged as winners.