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Gujarat Fortunegiants defeat UP Yoddha, seal their spot in Prokaddi season 6 final

Towards the end it turned out to be too little too late for UP Yoddha as Giants ran away with the lead to seal their spot in Prokabddi season 6 to be played on 5th January, they make it to the finals for the 2nd time in two seasons. Gujarat Fortunegiants will lock horn with Bengaluru Bulls on 5th. UP Yoddha won the toss and choose to raid second time in Prokobaaddi season 6. Rishank Devadiga started the raid and came back empty handed while Sachin got Narender in his first raid. Prasanth Kumar Rai scored the first 2 points for the team, bonus and eliminated Sachin Vittala. Both the teams defenders were quite in the first 10 minutes of the first half as they scored 1 tackle point each. 

It remained a tight game in the first half, Gujarat Fortunegiants were leading in the first 5 minutes, in the 6th minute Nitesh Kumar sent Prapanjan on the bench and UP Yoddha leveled the score, 5-5. Sachin eliminated lethal Nitesh in the 8th minute and Giants took the lead once again. 2 points raid by Prapanjan in the 9th minute tilted the game towards Gujarat Fortunegiants.

Super tackles by Sachin in 12th and 14th minute brought UP Yoddha back in the game and in the 15th minute UP Yoddha took a slender 1 point lead. In the 16th minute Sachin Kumar lost his control and stepped out during a raid which turned the game in the first half. Rohit Gulia who came as substitute eliminated Nitesh and Narender in a do-or-die raid and Giants took the lead. In the 20th minute Gujarat Fortunegiants inflicted the 1st all-out and walked into the half time with 5 points cushion.

In the second half Gujarat Fortunegiants continued the momentum and were able to hold the lead till the end. In the first 9 minutes of second half UP Yoddha could not score a single point and Gujarat Fortunegiants inflicted the 2nd all-out in the 28th minute and took 14 points huge lead, 28-14.


Gujarat Fortunegiants Vs. UP Yoddha Final Score


In the last 10 minutes UP Yoddha made a come-back and scored 15 points while Gujarat Fortunegiants could just score 8 points. In the 32nd minute Nitesh Kumar eliminated Rohit Gulia and became the first defender to score 100 tackle points in the history of Prokabaddi. In the 38th minute UP Yoddha inflicted the 1st all-out and and deficit reduced to 6, but UP Yoddha failed against the early lead by Gujarat Fortunegiants in the second half. With this win Gujarat Fortunegiants seal their spot in Prokabaddi season 6 final. they make it to the finals for the 2nd time in two seasons.  

Gujarat Fortunegiants best raider and defender:

Gujarat Fortunegiants best raider and defender

UP Yoddha best raider and defender:

UP Yoddha best raider and defender

Stay tuned with as as Gujarat Fortune Giants 2nd conscutive time is in final and will take on Bengaluru Bulls:
Gujarat Fortunegiants Vs. Bengaluru Bulls Prokabaddi season 6 final