Gujarat Fortunegiants top the table in Zone A, defeat the host Telugu Titans in the home-leg opener

First day first game of Telugu Titans home-leg, at the end turned out a thriller and with this win Gujarat Fortunegiants top the table in Zone A. Sachin started the raid with a point, while Rahul Chaudhari came back empty hand. Telugu Titans scored their first point in the 2nd minute when Ajay Kumar was sent on the bench. It remained a close fight in the first 10 minutes. Rahul Chaudhari's 3 point super raid, tilted the game in favor of Telugu Titans, and Gujarat Fortunegiants were trailing by 2 points.

In the last 10 minutes of the first half Prapanjan with his 8 points was on fire and damaged Telugu Titans. Gujarat Fortunegiants inflicted the first all-out in the 20th minute and walked into the half time with 5 points lead. The defense of both the teams stayed calm with just 3 points each in the first half.

Nilesh Shalunke started the second half with a point, while first 4 minutes of the second half Gujarat Fortunegiants could not score a single point. Telugu Titans had a chance to inflict the all-out with just 3 men on court in the 24th minute, but Sachin's brilliant 2 point raid brought Giants back in the game. Telugu Titans continued to damage and turning point of the game was do or die raid by Rakshith in the 31st minute when he scored 2 point and Telugu Titans inflicted the first all-out in the 32nd minute and took slender 1 point lead.


Telugu Titans Vs. Gujarat Fortunegiants final score


Telugu Titans continued the lead till 38th minute but could not hold on in the Last 2 minutes, which turned out to be absolute thriller. Telugu Titans were on 1 point lead and Rahul Chaudhari went for the raid in the 39th minute came back empty hand, while Sachin in the next raid scored 2 points to take away 1 point lead in favor of Giants. The moment of the match was brilliant block by Parvesh when Rakshith was on DOD raid in the last minute.  With this win Gujarat Fortunegiants top the table in Zone A. 

Gujarat Fortunegiants best raider and defender:

Gujarat Fortunegiant best raider and defender

Telugu Titans best raider and defender:

Telugu Titans best raider and defender

Stay tuned with us as on the 2nd day of the home-leg Telugu Titans will take on Jaipur Pink Panthers:
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