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Hosts Uttar Pradesh push Haryana out of 68th Senior National Kabaddi Championship

Today in the 68th Senior National Championship (Men), which is undergoing in Ayodhya, UP, we witnessed a neck to neck breath taking match between the host Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. The match was fully power packed and nail baiting till the last minutes and Uttar Pradesh won the match and pushed Haryana out of the league. Pardeep Narwal and Nitin Tomar scored 13 points each for their respective team. Meetu and Abhishek also bagged 10 points each.

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Match started with an empty raid by Pardeep Narwal for Haryana, as  UP won the toss and chose court. Akshay Jadhav scored the first point for Haryana by tackling Rahul Choudhary, but he manages to pinch the bonus and opening account for UP on the same raid.

During the first half, we witnessed Pardeep-Meetu combo raiding well for Haryana and Abhishek raiding well for UP. There were lot of pressure on UP being the host team and they managed to keep the scores level most of the times. Rajesh Narwal from Haryana got a green card for arguing with referee in the first half. Pardeep narwal got out couple of times while playing on Do-Or-Die raids, but team managed to bring him back. Pardeep also did few multi-point raids in the first half.

On 37th raid, Pardeep Narwal got a touch on Rahul Choudhary and inflicted first all out of the match on UP, scores where 20-17, in favour of Haryana. There were lot of tension in the camp, as the match was going neck to neck. Sandeep Narwal seen indulge in an argument with referee during the first half. At 43rd raid, when UP defender Shaul Kumar tackled Pardeep Narwal, Pardeep went into an argument with the defender which increased the tension on the mat. In the next raid, Abhishek Singh picked up a point and leveled the score, score was 21 each. Meetu seen picking up raid points when Pardeep was out of the mat. Also we witness Meetu putting a solo tackle on Sachin Kumar who was on pursuit raid for UP. At the end of first half, the scores where 23-21 in favour of Haryana.

Second half started with a point by Nitin Tomar for UP, he got Amit hooda this time. Pardeep and Meetu kept on bringing points for Haryana where on the other side Nitin Tomar and Abhishek bagged points for UP which kept the momentum of the match. We also witnessed a solo tackle by Pardeep Narwal on Rahul Choudhary. Haryana increased their momentum and UP was eyeing for a come back.

On the 65th raid, Abhishek Singh got touch on Akshay Jadhav and Rakesh Narwal and leveled the score for UP, the score was 29 each. As the tension continues, both the teams kept scoring points and the viewers were biting their nails as the scores were keep on level. 

On 88th raid, Shaul Kumar tackled Pardeep Narwal and brough lead for UP from the long going tie. In couple of raids, Meetu also got out, which derailed Haryana and pushed UP to lead. Haryana brought Parteek Dahiya on last moments, but couldn't help Haryana. The second all out of the match was happened in the second last raid, which pushed UP to bring a lead of 7 points. At the end of the high tension match, UP grabbed the position in Quarter finals by defeating Haryana, the final score was 36-43 in favour of UP. 

Up beats Haryana in 68th Senior Nationals

In quarter finals, UP will play against Maharashtra today. 

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