Mumbai Che Raja, Diler Delhi, Pune Pride shines on 2nd day of IIPKL Mysuru leg

On the second day of IIPKL Mysuru leg, Chennai Challengers faced off Mumbai Che Raja, Haryana Heroes faced off Diler Delhi, and in the 3rd match Pune Pride faced off Telugu Bulls
In the first match of the evening between Chennai Challengers and Mumbai Che Raja, Mumbai took lead in the fourth leg which led them to victory. First 3 quarters were the close fight. Mahesh Magdum turned out to be savior for Mumbai Che Raja as he scored 7 points for the team.

Chennai Challengers Vs. Mumbai Che Raja, IIPKL, Mysuru leg 

Elayaraja playing for Chennai Challengers scored 6 points and turned out to be the highest scorer for the team, but at end with 32-28 final score on the board, Mumbai Che Raja stood victorious. 
The 2nd game of the evening was between two North strong holds, Haryana Heroes Vs. Diler Delhi. Once again it was Sunil Jaipal who pulled his team out. In the first half put together two quarters Haryana Heroes were leading by 10 points, score being 24-14. 

Diler Delhi Vs. Haryana Heroes

After half time in the 3rd quarter we saw a better side of Diler Delhi and they scored 14 points, while Haryana Heroes could just score 6 points. In the 4th quarter as well the Diler Delhi continued the momentum and scored another 12 points and with 40-35 final score Diler Delhi emerged winner. Sunil Jaipal scored 12 crucial points for the team.
Pune Pride Vs. Telugu Bulls, IIPKL Mysuru leg 
In the 3rd game of the evening Pune Pride crushed Telugu Bulls. In the first 2 quarters Pune Pride took the control with 9 points lead, score being 25-11. Telugu Bulls tried to make a comeback but Amarjeet Singh from Pune Pride turned out to be lethal, he scored 16 points and led his team to victory with 42-28 final score on the board.

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