Oh, that's a Hatrick for Bhaini School | K7 Qualifiers Pool A

Bhaini school wins 3rd match in a row
Heart-breaking loss for Parveen&Jasvir Panipat Kabaddi academy

The fifth match of the K7 Qualifiers had the rampant PJKA and the in-form Bhaini competing with each other. The game was a low scorer and a tight match and proved to be great  watch for the viewers. The trouble to the scorers was first caused by Kismat who scored the first points of the match by leaping past the PJKA defenders and securing two points for his team. PJKA started on a good note and maintained a lead for a long part in the first half till Mohit Goyat, the hero of the previous match heckling the PJKA defenders to a multi point raid in the do-or-die raid, a sight we have seen before. This started the game of lead for BS and there was no turning back. The first half then ticked in favor of Bhaini with 20-16 scoreline. 


Full Match Score | Live Match Here


The second half saw both teams punching above there waists continuously and scoring but Bhaini managed to keep their lead maintained throughout. The scoreline at the end of the match at 30-28, a close fight but a hattrick of wins for the Bhaini School team. This match was different from all others. This match had the awards well spread. Ashu from PKJA managed to get the Player of the Match on a loosing cause whereas the award for defemces going to Neetu and Balijeet and the raiding awards to Kismat and Goyat.