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Third Consecutive victory for Dabang's of Delhi beating Haryana Steelers in a one sided contest

Dabang Delhi KC and Haryana Steelers were eager to keep their 100% unbeaten record intact when they faced each other in Match number 14 of PKL 2019. Both teams were pretty evenly matched going into the game with some fresh young talent in the raiding department and experienced defensive units on either side.

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Haryana Steelers couldn't defend Dabangs - 5 reasons why

1. Fantastic raiding by Dabangs, both key raiders got more than 10 points.

2. Saeid Gaffari makes that left cover of Dabang Delhi his own. Best defender of the day for Dabang Delhi K.C.

3. Naveen Kumar from Dabang Delhi just could not be tackled by the Steelers.

4. Defense of Steelers fell apart today completely. Only Anna contributed  some points, but Kuldeep, Vikas, Parveen and Vikram combined to give away 15 points to the opposition on the day!

5. Defenders following the raider into the lobby rule. This turned the game around and gave Daband Delhi a massive lead, on a raid that was unsuccessful, Taking 4 defenders out in a game.


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Chandran Ranjit gave the early impetus to Delhi with a 2 point raid at the start of the first half. Veteran Dharmaraj Cheralathan and opposite corner Kuldeep Singh had no answers to the raiding duo of Naveen kumar and Chandran Ranjit, giving delhi an important early lead and the momentum. Haryana crawled their way back into the game, courtesy Naveen who kept fetching points at will, but a Super Tackle by Delhi's Captain Joginder Narwal in the dying minutes of the first half gave Delhi a 5 point cushion over Haryana at 15 - 10.

The 19 year old sensation Naveen Kumar scored 6 raid points accompanied by Chandran Ranjit with 5 raid points. Naveen for the Steelers was a one man army against Dabang's defence, with no support from his own defensive unit.

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Delhi continued their dominance over Haryana inflicting an All Out early in the second half and that proved to be curtains for Haryana who are still missing the services of Prashant Rai and the impressive Vikash Kandola


Indian Kabaddi legend and current Coach of Haryana, Rakesh Kumar was left clueless as both the raiding and defensive unit of Delhi worked efficiently, giving them a 10 point lead. Three back to back points for defender Saeid Ghaffari and a Super 10 by Naveen Kumar increased Delhi's lead to 17 points with just 9 minutes to go in the game.

A Super 10 by the talismanic Chandran Ranjit summed up a super solid and convincing performance by Dabang Delhi with a massive 20 points victory over Haryana Steelers as they continued their unbeaten streak in the tournament showing strong intent of building from their season 6 campaign in search of winning their maiden PKL title.


Infographics for Delhi vs Haryana


Naveen Kumar Dominates Haryana Steelers in the First Half
Naveen Kumar Dominates Haryana Steelers in the First Half. Image courtesy: Pro Kabaddi League


Defense on attack for Delhi
Defense on attack for Delhi.Image courtesy: Pro Kabaddi League


Match Preview: Battle of Young Raiders Naveen v/s Naveen


When you look at both the sides they are pretty evenly matched with the lights of Cherlathan and Kuldeep singh for Haryana and duo of Ravinder Pahal Joginder Narwal for Delhi, defence of both sides are impeccable.
Star performer Naveen of Dabang Delhi is one to watch out for along with Chandran Ranjeet.
It remains to be seen if Vikash Khandola and Prashanth Kumar Rai can make it time for this match and accompany Naveen in the raiding department for Haryana Steelers.


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