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PKL witnesses one of the biggest single man led comebacks in history !

One of the most anticipated contests of this season, Match No. 24 between the super strong Bengal Warriors and the defending champs, Bengaluru Bulls kicked off with tremendous energy at the Patliputra Sports Complex. And oh, what a treat it was for the Kabaddi fans in Patna to witness this amazing clash to start off the Patna leg of the league!

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As predicted, it was a close encounter between these two powerhouses right from the beginning of the match as no team was leaving any room for mistakes. Tight defence and stellar offence from both sides was making the fans go crazy with excitement. After constant pulling and pushing at each other, the scorecard read 21-18 in favour of the warriors as the Bulls had lost a bit of their grip on the game.

Coming into the second half, a focused Bengal team capitalised on their half time lead and took a commanding 10-point lead with 7 minutes left to play. At this point, almost everybody was thinking about an easy win for the Warriors. But to everyone’s shock, Pawan Sehrawat had other plans and he was not ready to lose. In a quick turn of events, the Bulls defence came alive and pretty much restricted the Bengal attack from then on. Successful raid after raid from Pawan saw the scores being level in a split second. And finally, a smart time out from the Bulls corner gave them the opportunity for a strategic play to end the game and win with a 1-point lead!
Final score of this thrilling game was 42-43. K. Prapanjan and Maninder Singh gave a good contribution to their side but the Man of the Day, Pawan Sehrawat scored a staggering 29 points all by himself and carried the Bulls on his shoulders single handedly!

Pawan doing super raid
Pawan doing super raid, escaping ankle hold twice, making it a SUPER RAID. Image courtesy: Pro Kabaddi League


Maninder was the reason for Warriors lead at first place
Maninder was the reason for Warriors lead in the first place. Image courtesy: Pro Kabaddi League


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Match Preview: Head to Head- Bengal Warriors against Bengaluru Bulls


Bengal and Bengaluru have faced off against each other 14 times in total in the previous 6 seasons of PKL and you would be surprised to know that the record currently stands at a shocking 7-7 tie. It will be interesting to see which team will take the lead tonight in this age old rivalry.