Steelers get the better of Pirates on Pardeep's historic night !

The 2nd match of 7th August 2019 of Vivo PKL season 7 will surely be one that will go down in the books of history. It was one of those rare occasions where the emotional attachment of fans preceded over the competitive aspect of the game. Yes, you guessed it right. Match no. 30 – Patna Pirates VS Haryana Steelers saw a record-breaking spectator turnout at the Patliputra Sports Complex in Patna.

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Watch match highlights: Pradeep Narwal and Patna Pirates lost to Vikash Khandola & Steelers


The first half kicked off with tension in the air as the two arch-rivals squared off. Haryana looked locked in as ever as their defense was not letting the opposition’s raiders take away any big numbers, despite of multiple opportunities. Also, Vinay sneaked in a super raid worth three points to end the first half with the score being 17-9, giving Haryana the edge.

The second half saw the Pirates coming in with determination to fight back but it just wasn’t their day. The visitors took it easy and did not give away much to Patna who were visibly struggling to stay in the hunt. The Haryana defence was too much to handle for the home side. The final score saw the Steelers earn a comfortable 11-point win with 35-26.

The crowd was bustling with excitement and ecstasy to watch their beloved hometown hero, Pardeep Narwal, reach a career milestone of becoming the first player in PKL history to reach 900 raid points!


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Pardeep Narwal scored a Super 10 and crossed his milestone to a standing ovation from the entire crowd but that was not enough for his side to emerge victorious. Haryana’s Vikash Kandola was the man of the match for bagging 10 points for his side.


Vikas Kandola scored more raide points then Pardeep Narwal and became best raider of the match


Haryana kept taking point and made constant lead against Patna Pirates.


Pardeep Narwal taking 900th raid point of PKL carrier and 10th raid point of the match
Pardeep Narwal taking 900th raid point of PKL career and completing a Super 10 in the match. Image courtesy: Pro Kabaddi League


Pardeep Narwal making new records in PKL
Pardeep Narwal making new records in PKL. Image courtesy: Pro Kabaddi League


MATCH PREVIEW: Head to head between Patna Pirates and Haryana Steelers

In the past 2 seasons, Patna and Haryana have collided a total of 3 times and surprisingly one of the matches have resulted in a rare tie. The other two matches have gone both ways once, making the record 1-1. Hence, it's going to be interesting to see which one of the already hungry teams comes out on top !




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Can Pardeep and Pirates bounce back after 2 bad losses?

1. This match upholds some of the most staggering records for a single match. Records that Haryana Steelers will not want to think about. Pardeep had a single 6 point raid to wipe out the entire defense, the single largest margin of defeat, and most points by a raider in a single game. 

2. Patna will be looking up to that and hoping that Pardeep Narwal turns up to that level of form again. He hasn't had a great season yet and Patna have lost both games of their home leg. They will be desperately looking to bounce back against a Haryana side that looks out of form itself.

3. Can Haryana get their defense to work in tandem and keep Pardeep quiet ? Can Monu and the Patna support raiders provide some support to Pardeep ? All this will decide the fate of the match.

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