Telugu Titans and Bengal Warriors match ends in a record 5th tie

A tie with the score of 29-29 between Bengal Warriors and Telugu Titans was not less than an adrenaline riser. This was the fifth ever tie between these two sides which is the most tied fixture in the history of Pro kabaddi league.

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Watch Match Highlights - Telugu Titans pulled off an amazing tie against Bengal Warriors


The first half of the match was a combination of fierce raiding and tackling from both sides. The Desai brothers and defense of Telugu Titans started on a high and got an early two-point lead in the first five minutes of the game. It was not too late when the Bengal Warriors started integrating and equalized their scoreline with Titans in the 15th minute itself, the rock-solid entry of Mohammed Nabibaksh in the party added to the tally of Bengal. In the final moments of the first half, there came a raid from Suraj Desai in which he was tackled, but after the review from the Telugu side, the result was something else. Even before Suraj was tackled he stepped out of the lobby and the defenders did the mistake of tackling him, which eventually added 3 points to the tally of Telugu Titans. 

Bengal and Telugu become the most tied fixture in the Pro Kabaddi League.

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The story of 2nd half was full of excitement and thrill. At the start of the second half, the Telugu team managed to inflict an all-out and took the five-point lead. After this, there were too many highs and lows in the match in which the momentum was shifting here and there. In the 10th minute of the second half Bengal was able to inflict the second all out of the match and took the lead for the very first time in the match. The defense of Bengal started gaining points and was looking strong with the help of Baldev Singh.  This lead of Bengal didn't last long as the defense of Telugu Titans came into action and started adding points to their tally. The last 2 minutes of the game decided the result of the match wherein both the teams held their nerves and showed their level of patience. In the final 30 seconds of the match, neither Maninder Singh nor Suraj Desai went deep in the opposition half and showed their sensibility. Thus after a hard-fought battle between these two sides, the result was a draw with a scoreline of 29-29.

Although most of the time, Titans had the lead on Warriors towards the end Warriors took the lead and match ties.


Nabibaksh shines with his all-round performance and became the best raider of the match.


Nabibaksh in action took 5 raid points and 3 tackle points, showed and all-round performance. Image courtesy: Pro Kabaddi League


Silent killer, who showed his skills to equalize the score. Image courtesy: Pro Kabaddi League


Match Preview: Telugu Titans take on Bengal Warriors

Bengal have been dominating in terms of wins against Titans of late, in the last 5 encounters, 4 times Warriors have won. Warriors have been inconsistent, with one win followed by a loss. There is drop-in Warriors' defense and Titans showed fantastic defense in their last match. Titans finally got their 1st win of the season against Gujarat Fortunegaints, will they able to sustain their momentum and make it two in a row?




Can Siddharth Desai continue the winning momentum against Bengal Warriors?

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