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Deepak Hooda guides Jaipur to easy win vs Pune!

Jaipur Pink Panthers won the match with the score of 33-25 against Puneri Paltan. The Arena by TransStadia in Ahmedabad was shaking with an energetic crowd turnout for the clash. Jaipur knew very well that Paltan was not in the best of forms this season and they were planning to capitalize on every single opportunity that came their way. Paltan, on the other hand, were eager to show that they were not ready to go down this early in the competition by taking down the Pink Panthers. 

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HIGHLIGHTS - Deepak Niwas Hooda wins the fight against Puneri Paltan | Nitin Tomar was slow

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The first half began with a bang, with Nitin Tomar securing a bonus point for his side. But Deepak Hooda, one of the most developed-player in recent times, got a raid point immediately for his team with his signature hand touch and with that, sent Paltan’s star raider Tomar to the bench. The season one champions then secured their first all out of the match in the 16th minute and Hooda kept putting continuous pressure. The half ended with a score of 17-11 in favor of Jaipur.

Captain Hooda was once again the star for Jaipur with a total of 9 raid points to his name

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Coming into the second half, Paltan’s struggles never slowed down as they committed too many blunders on defense, resulting in a flurry of successful raids for Jaipur. There was no chance of a comeback left for Pune whatsoever and Jaipur kept suffocating them by tightening their grip even more. A helpless Paltan team lost to the Pink Panthers with a final score of 33-25.


Match was dominated by Jaipur Pink Panthers throughout as Deepak Hooda spent 94% of the time on mat and Sandeep Dhull became the best defender of the season on his 50th PKL match.


Deepa Malik
Para Athlete Deepa Malik was present on the occasion of Independence Day and also sang the National Anthem to kick start proceedings. Image courtesy: Vivo Pro Kabaddi 


JP crushing Shushant
Jaipur Pink Pathers defense in play as they successfully take down Sushant Sail. Image courtesy: Vivo Pro Kabaddi



Match Preview: Eager Pune looking for a comeback


Head to head: Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan

As the competition moves forward, Puneri Paltan will look to move ahead in the tournament by beating long-time foes Jaipur. Puneri Paltan have had success in recent seasons against Jaipur but the Pink Panthers are not someone they can take for granted. Entertainment guaranteed tonight.



Who Will Win | Puneri Paltan vs Deepak Niwas Hooda & Jaipur Pink Panthers

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