Pune clinched a nail-biting contest at home, courtesy a rookie error by Siddharth Desai

It was a thriller at the end which started with Nitin Tomar's raid, who could not score any point his first raid as he was tackled by Rajguru, while Siddharth Desai brilliant kick in the first raid sent Rinku Narwal on the bench. In the 4th minute Abofazl was on raid and stepped out score equal 2 - 2 and in the next raid Monu scored a point and Puneri Paltan tool a lead.

In the 16th minute Pune inflicted the all-out and and Puneri Paltan had 5 point raid and Nitin Tomar was scoring points at regular intervals. At the stroke of the half time Puneri Paltan maintained the 5 point lead, 17 - 12

Once again Puneri Paltan's defense looked organized and Nitin and Monu were impressive in the attack, on the other hand once again Siddharth Desai top show stole the spotlight as he was getting points at regular interval and in the 34th minute U Mumba inflicted the first all-out and Puneri Paltan had just 1 point lead.


Prokabaddi Season 6, day 13, Match 26, Puneri Paltan Vs. U Mumba Score


The last 2 minutes of the game were absolute thriller in the 39th minute Nitin Tomar was on a do or die raid and ankle hold by Vinod sent him on bench and score was equal 31 - 31. Siddharth went on the raid which happened to by empty, monu did a quick empty raid, and Siddharth came for the raid made an error stepped out in the lobby to give Puneri Paltan a two-point advantage which ensured that Puneri Paltan went back victorious.  

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