Stunning performance by Siddharth Desai lead U Mumba to an easy win against Telugu Titans, 41 - 20

He is phenomenal, terrific performance 19 raids, 17 raid points, a go to man in any situation. It was Rahul Chaudhari who started the raid for Telugu Titans while AbolFazel for U Mumba, and Siddharth Desai in his 2nd and 3rd third raid scored a bonus.   

Rahul was impressive in the first after a long time, but Abozar's absence in the right corner was felt while Vishal Bhardwaj failed to impress today. In the 8th minute Telugu Titans were leading by 1 point but it was the Siddharth Desai's brilliant show that and Dharmraj's tackle in 11th minute and Fazel's tackle in 14th minute that U Mumba inflicted the 1st all-out, and took 5 point lead and they maintained this lead till half time as they walked in the half time with score 17 - 12.

In the 21st minute Siddharth Desai scored 3 point super raid while we saw a brilliant solo super tackle by Farhad in the 22nd minute when Siddharth was on raid, but this didn't help Telugu Titans as U Mumba inflicted the 2nd all-out in the 26th minute, and score was 25 - 16.


Prokabaddi Season 6, Match 29, U Mumba Vs. Telugu Titans Score


In the 28th minute Rahul Chaudhari scored his 700 points in the Prokabaddi, while U Mumba inflicted the 3rd all-out in the 33rd minute and took colossal lead 37 - 18 and in the last 10 minutes, U Mumba scored 13 points while Telugu Titans could only score 2 and U Mumba registered an easy win.  

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