Kabaddi Adda

Puneri Paltan gets campaign back on track, as the defense fights back against Jaipur Pink Panthers, 29 - 25

This was not the night meant for raiders of both the teams, it was defenders night, Anup Kumar started the raid from Jaipur Pink Panthers while Nitin from Puneri Paltan and both went back empty hand. Nitin Rawal in the second minute scored a point and got the big fish Sandeep Narwal though in the very next raid Monu got him back on the mat.

First three minutes Jaipur Pink Panthers led 3-1 and in the 7th minute Akshay was on a do or die raid and scored 2 points and score was equal 4 - 4, but in the 10th minute Monu was on raid and got tackled which happened to be a super tackled and Jaipur Pink Panthers got a lead of 2 points.

Jaipur Pink Panthers were leading by 5 points till the 14th minute, it was in the 15th minute that the foundation of the win, six super tackles was initiated by Rinku Narwal's  ankle hold while Nitin Rawal was on raid, Rinku Narwal played his first match of the season today. While Ravi Kumar was the star in Pune’s camp and scored six tackle points Puneri Paltan forced three super tackles in the first half and defenders played a bigger role than raiders, while Puneri Paltan's star raider Nitin Tomar could not score a single raid point in the first half, half time score was 13 - 12 in favour of Puneri Paltan.

In the second half Puneri Paltan defense looked organized and forced 4th super tackle in 22nd minute and 5th super tackle in 25th minute and took 2 points lead 17 - 15 and in the 34th minute Puneri Paltan equaled to the most super tackles in a match. 


Prokabaddi Season 6, Match 24, Puneri Paltan Vs. Jaipur Pink Panthers Score


In the 38th minute of the game Jaipur Pink Panthers inflicted the first all-out and cut the lead to 1 point. Moment of the match was in the 28th minute only when Nitin Rawal was thrown out of the mat, courtesy a brilliant dash by Girish Ernak, while in the 39th minute Anand was tackled by Akshay and Deepak Niwas Hooda stepped out during the raid. Thanks to Puneri Paltan defense which bounced back in the nick of the time.