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“Revenge is Sweet” As Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation Brushes off Warriors Arena Kabaddi Academy by 11 points | K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021

defense in action

Midway point in Pool B saw Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation still languishing 4th after their earlier win over Narwal Sports & Kabaddi Academy. Now they go head to head against 2nd placed Warriors Arena Kabaddi Academy. A win here by a margin of 4 points will ensure WAA stays just one point below the table-toppers Amit Ashok Academy. For, DNHF a win here will ensure they overtake NSKA in 3rd place in the table and closer to a SUPER 6 spot.

DNHF started with five defenders and two raiders. WAA started with three defenders, three all-rounders, and Karambir as their sole raider. 


DNHF won the toss and chose the side of the court. Karambir started with the raid and scored a quick touchpoint. Prateek Dhaiya stopped in his first raid out. Prateek Hooda scored the first points for DNHF with a superb tackle to took Aakash out of the court. Sahil Kumar muscles his way past Karambir, Rohit Bijender, and scored a multi-point raid, followed by Prateek Dhaiya's super raid. The first all-out was conceded by WAA as DNHF lead by 6 points with 5 mins in the match.

Time out was taken by WAA so that they could take a breather as they were lagging. The game restarted with Pratheek Dhaiya thrown out by Aashish. Anish scored a quick touchpoint to cut their lead down. But Sahil Kumar took their main raider Karambir out as they gave an unnecessary point yet again.

Akash went out for the D.O.D raid, but he too was taken out as their support raider was now out of the mat with things look bad for WAA from the start, as they fell back by further 8 points. With three players on the court for WAA. Anish went for the raid but got out by Hardeep. Prateek Dhaiya went to get an all-out with just two players left on the court but got stopped by Ajay and Sahil Jagdish with a super tackle. 

WAA took a time out to finally get Pawan in the game for the first time, who was surprisingly left out from the starting 7. An error from Karambir and Pawan saw them both being sent out, and WAA conceding yet another all-out with DNHF leading by 13 points.The half ended as Sahil Kumar got out. With a scoreline of WAA 11 - 24 DNHF. Prateek Dhaiya had a superb first half with Naveen and Hardeep backing him up in the defense.


Vijay in action


2nd Half started with Vijay coming in for Naveen who was a left raider and started with an empty raid. A solo tackle by Hardeep Ranbir saw Aakash being thrown out. Prateek Dhaiya was revived back, but he was sent back out off the court with a combined defense tackle by the WAA players.

Pawan scored a multi-point raid to leave DNHF with just two men on the court. And DNHF soon conceded an all-out as the lead was cut to just 7 points. Pawan soon scored a four super point raid as he further cut down the lead to 4 points with just under 10 min left.

But a great tackle by Prateek Hooda on Pawan saw him being sent off the court. Prateek Dhaiya scores continuous points to gain a 9 point lead again. He took Pawan out in his next raid as they got all-out again as DNHF now lead by 11 points.The last two mins saw DNHF playing it out smartly as they slowed down their raids and held on to win by 9 points, DNHF 42-31 WAA.


DNHF coming back in form just at the right time as they won their 2nd game today to go 3 rd in the table with just two games left.WAA lost ground in the race for the top spot as they fell behind by 5 points to AAA. 


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