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"Rok Sako To Rok Lo" - Vinay too hot to handle as NK Academy breeze past Chhaju Ram Academy | K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021

2nd match of the day for NK academy proved why they are considered one of the top teams of the tournament as they blew past a hapless Chhaju Ram Academy to seal their spot at the top of the pool for now. 



Though the start was something unexpected as Chhaju Ram Academy was the ones who started strongly as they stopped the NK Academy raiders and Susihil OM was proving to be a nail in the thorn for NK Academy defense and were leading by 8 points as scored showed 12-4 in the favor of Chhaju Ram Academy. But champions show their class when they have their back pushed to the wall and that's what Vinay did as he brought life back to the game as he scored points raid after raids, and stamped his authority all over the first half and before Chhaju Ram Academy could come back to their sense the first half was already conceded as the scoreline tilted back in the favor of NK Academy 28 - 16 Chhaju Ram Academy.


The 2nd half began and Susuhil OM from Chhaju Ram Academy tried to score some points but it was proving to be difficult. Rakesh was having an off game as he was doing empty raids after another and was getting caught out today. Vinay was not the only one enjoying out there as Mainsh Angrej and Krishna were running the show as a strong defensive duo and scored their first all-out during the 53rd raid of the match and the scored line showed 35 -19 in the favour of NK academy leading by 16 points.


Defensive Line up

They helped the team to score 12 tackle points out of the total 21 tackle points that NK academy scored more than half as they proved to be a wall too hard to breach for Chhaju Ram Academy.

Sushil OM and Happy tried their best but couldn't stop their team from going down by 19 points as the final scorecard read Chhaju Ram Academy 32 to 51 NK Academy.


NK academy proved that they are the hot favorites to top their group but they will face their nemesis in their next match as they take on Bhaini School who after their setback against Praveen and Jasvir academy were back to winning ways against Khokar Academy and will look to continue their run.


For Chhaju Ram Academy things are going from bad to worse as they remain winless after the first 3 games and face the wildcards Praveen and Jasvir academy next, who are darkhorse of POOL A and showed some strong performances so far only time will tell whether Chhaju Ram Academy will make a comeback in the tournament but for now, it looks like a mountain too high to climb.