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Delhi edge out Chandigarh on a closely fought encounter! || 47th Junior Nationals Boys' Day 1 Summary

Vidarbha vs J & K

The 47th Junior Nationals Boys started with a delay at Suryapet, because of an audience stand collapsing but proceedings started post 9 pm at night and promised top-notch entertainment. 

The Day 1 of the event saw 12 teams contesting against each other over the course of 6 matches, some of them being decided by whiskers whereas some showing a simple tale of dominance. 

The tournament started with the defending champions taking on Bihar and SAI stood up to its name. They took on the challenge and stamped authroity with a victory which recorded a point difference if  over 60 points. Delhi and Maharashtra managed to hold there nerves and clinch the important moments to win close bouts against Chandigarh and Madhya Pradesh respectively and open their account at the points table. Vidharbha and J&K also locked horns where Vidharbha clinched a clear victory and started off their journey at the Junior National 2021 with a victory. The Southern Derby between Karnataka and Telangana and the East-West rivalry of Manipur and Gujrat saw Karnataka and Gujrat bagging victories and that too convincing ones, to give the team a positive start in the tournament.

Summary Results for Boy's Section Day 1
  • Match 1: SAI vs Bihar | Scorline- 87-24
  • Match 2: Karnataka vs Telangana | Scoreline- 49-33
  • Match 3: Chandigarh vs Delhi | Scoreline- 45-46
  • Match 4: Vidharbha vs J&K | Scoreline- 50-40
  • Match 5: Maharashtra vs Madhya Pradesh | Scoreline- 49-47
  • Match 6: Gujarat vs Manipur | Scoreline-  44-27

The Day 2 of the Junior National Kabaddi Championship see a lot of new teams clashing against each others and it proves to be an exciting watch. 

The Schedule for Day 2 of Junior National Kabaddi Championship