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Telugu Titans vs Bengaluru Bulls | Match 74 | PKL 8 News, Score, Result, Moments

Telugu Titans lost to Bengaluru Bulls 31-36 in the 74th match of Pro Kabaddi Season 8. The best raider of the match for Bengaluru Bulls was Pawan Kumar Sehrawat. He was ably supported by Saurabh Nandal. Ankit Beniwal's efforts went in vain tonight.

Bengaluru Bulls were dominant in the raiding department at the scoring 24 to Telugu Titans's 15. When it came to tackling Bengaluru Bulls scored 10 points to Telugu Titans's 12 points. They cleaned up the opposition into 1 All-Outs. And that made all the difference.

The mainstay of the Bengaluru Bulls was Mahender Singh staying on the mat for 95% of the raids.

Key Players
Best Raider :  Pawan Kumar Sehrawat (13 points), BB
Best Defender :  Saurabh Nandal (4 points), BB

PKL 8 Match 74 Summary

Key Moments in the Match

Raid 1 TT 0 - 0 BB   Rakesh Gowda (TT) Rakesh Gowda is risking his team into a Do-or-Die Raid. Risky Strategy!
Raid 5 TT 0 - 3 BB   Rakesh Gowda (TT) Perfect team play, defense ushers raider Rakesh Gowda out of the mat.
Raid 11 TT 2 - 5 BB   Adarsh T (TT) Mahender Singh, Mayur Jagannath trap raider Adarsh T, after he pinched a bonus point.
Raid 16 TT 3 - 8 BB   Bharat Naresh (BB) Akash Choudhary, Rakesh Gowda has to leave as Bharat Naresh gets a touch on him.
Raid 20 TT 5 - 12 BB   Pawan Kumar Sehrawat (BB) This just isn't working for C. Arun, Surinder Singh. He tries to be clever but it backfires as Pawan K Sehrawat gets an easy touch off him and gets the point.
Raid 35 TT 10 - 17 BB   Adarsh T (TT) Bengaluru Bulls defense takes out Adarsh T out of the game.
Raid 36 TT 10 - 18 BB   Pawan Kumar Sehrawat (BB) Low risk move on getting a quick bonus by Pawan K Sehrawat.
Raid 43 TT 11 - 21 BB   Rakesh Gowda (TT) That takes some guts. Solo Tackle by Aman to take out raider Rakesh Gowda.
Raid 59 TT 16 - 25 BB   Adarsh T (TT) That takes some guts. Solo Tackle by Aman to take out raider Adarsh T.
Raid 60 TT 17 - 25 BB   Deepak Narwal (BB) Surinder Singh strikes, gets rid of Deepak Narwal.
Raid 71 TT 20 - 27 BB   Adarsh T (TT) Adarsh T locks horns with More G B, but manages to get across the line.
Raid 73 TT 21 - 28 BB   Adarsh T (TT) Adarsh T gets another raid point as he takes out Mahender Singh.
Raid 74 TT 24 - 29 BB   Bharat Naresh (BB) Perfect team play, the defense ushers the raider Bharat Naresh out of the mat. Raider however pinches a bonus.
Raid 79 TT 25 - 31 BB   Ankit Beniwal (TT) That takes some guts. Solo Tackle by Saurabh Nandal to take out raider Ankit Beniwal.