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“They Came, they Saw, they Conquered” NK Academy crowned Champions as they beats Praveen & Jasvir Academy by 10 points| K7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021

Vinay in action


Finally, here we are at the last dance of k7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021. After the exuberant qualifiers that took place way back in March, which gave us the TOP 10 teams to compete for the coveted title of k7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021. The teams had some intense battles, some closed calls, and some major upset to gives us the best two teams of the lot. Its NK Academy vs Parveen & Jasvir Academy .


On one side, it was the NK Academy dominated through both the pool and SUPER 6 stages and were favorites to reach the finals even before they had begun their tournament. On the other side, there was PJA, which came on as the wildcards entrants and surprised all of us with their sheer grit and superb performances.


The player to look out for the NKA was Vinay Virender, inside the top 5, on the raiding chart, Krishan star defender who leads the league in terms of tackle points.For PJA, the players to look out for were Himanshu Virender there lead raider, who was 4th on the raiding chart, and the defensive duo of Mohit Jaipal & Vinay Rajesh with impressive performances in the defense. Narender Hoshiyar single-handedly but them to the final. The Match was going to be a battle that would go on till the last whistle.


PJA started with Four defenders, two raiders, and one all-rounder. in their starting 7. NKA decided to go with Four defenders, two raiders, and one all-rounder. Both teams match each other, position to position. PJA won the toss and chose the court, with NKA raiding out first. 


Umesh went out first as usual and came back with a calm and empty raid. Himanshu came first for PJA but an unusual slip saw him go into the lobby with NKA to get their first point. Vinay, the lead raider for NKA went in next and scored the point against the failed attempt of an ankle hold. Narender, the star man from the last game, scored a quick multi-point raid to tie the contest. 


It looked like Vinay and Narender were having a raid battle, but Krishan made an excellent ankle hold to put Narender out of the mat. Mohit Jaipal, Krishan nemesis on the opposite corner, matched him with a thigh hold of his own as both players match each other toe to toe from the start. Vinay Scored a multi-point raid as Narender was thrown out of the mat to give NKA 3 point lead. 


PJA took the game the first time out with 9 mins left on the clock as they were with only 4 players on the court. But it was Vinay who scored the first point and forced Vinay Rajesh to do a D.O.D raid as they were down to 3 players. But Vijay Kumar's error haded him a way out of it. 


Vinay Went for his D.O.D raid as the PJA defense backed off to make him deep, he wriggled his way past to score, but the referee gave him out. NKA's captain asked for the video review as this was a crucial juncture in the match. The decision got reversed in NKA's favor and soon the all-out got inflicted. NKA finished the half high on confidence as the half ended with NKA leading by 9 points.


2nd Half started with Narender's quick raid, with him looking to cut the deficit down. But Krishan was having none of it as he took Himanshu down during the next raid. Narender had a good start, scoring three consecutive points to cut the lead to 8 points with 15 mins left in the game. 


game mode


Vinay today was making no error during his D.O.D raid whatsoever as he bought back another point to match Narender and maintain his team lead. But finally, Sagar took him down and NKA was left with 4 players on the court with both their main raiders out. Narender saw this as a golden opportunity to close them down for an all-out instead, he went in too deep with the NKA defense shutting him down. The opportunity went by as Vinay got revived. Meanwhile, Himanshu got substituted out as he failed to get going, and Lakshay Mailk coming in. 


He was successful in taking the bonus point but got dashed out by NKA's defense. PJA was down to 3 players on the mat with less than two mins in the match. Vinay and the team slowed down the speed of their raid as they started playing on the D.O.D raid, with the lead too big for PJA to make a comeback.  


The game ended with a final scoreline of NKA 33 - 23 PJA. Narender and co tried hard but failed to overcome the star raider of the match Vinay who scored a super 10 and was supported superbly by Krishan and Manish in the defense.


This brings us to the end of the first edition of the k7 Kabaddi Stage Up 2021 that gave junior players (U-21) a platform to showcase their talent to the Kabaddi-loving audience and experience that would benefit in their careers ahead.