In a thrilling encounter Bengal Warriors registered their 2nd consecutive win as they beat Telugu Titans 30-25

It was Maninder Singh who started raiding from Bengal Warriors and opened up with an empty raid while Nilesh Shalunke in his first raid got a bonus. It was Jang Kun Lee who scored the first point for Bengal Warriors in the 3rd minute. It was a bad outing for Rahul Chaudhari as he could score just 2 bonus points and made an error in the last minute.

First half was the low-scoring dominated by the Telugu Titans defenders specially Abozar Mighani in the right corner. While the Telugu Titans were in lead Bengal Warriors could score their first raid point in the 5th minute of the game, it continued to be a close battle and at the 14th minute the score was 9 - 9, by the half time Telugu Titans took a lead and score was 13 - 10.

Moment of the match was Maninder Singh's two point raid in the 32 minute and Bengal Warriors inflicted the all-out and with a lead 19 - 17. In the last 5 minutes it was Bengal Warriors defense on their top of the performance with three brilliant tackles at crucial point of time which leads to the victory. 


Prokabaddi Season 6, day 9 Bengal Warriors Vs. Telugu Titans final score


In the Bengal Warriors defense it was Shrikant Tewthia with his 100% tackle strike rate scored 3 tackle points, on the other Maninder finished with 11 points from a total of 21 raids and what made his effort remarkable was the fact that he scored more points than the cumulative total of the Titans’ raiders, who combined to pick just 10 points on the day. While Rahul Chaudhari was forced to seat on the bench for most of the time during the game. 

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